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This research paper critically evaluates the concept of business case diversity and the organization’s commitment to value workforce diversity by identifying and defining the require for business case and diversity management through inclusion. …
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Managing Diversity: organizational commitment to valuing worforce diversity
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that many of the countries have commitment to providing equal employment opportunities (EEO) in their organizations, but it is not common to see diverse workforce in almost all of the organizations. While equal employment opportunity ensures a moral imperative to end workplace discrimination, diversity at workplace is seen as a requirement to cater effectively to the diverse market segments. It is also observed that equal employment opportunity has not been successful in achieving its target of eliminating employment discrimination as inequities still exist in employer’s commitment to ensuring equal employment opportunity as well as the weak legal framework to ensure the success of this concept of EEO. This has led to build an anti-discriminatory framework for employment that takes into consideration the business case as a conceptual tool to identify the workforce diversity that is set to be independent of moral and legal requirements. A business case diversity approach to managing human resources is essential as EEO concept aims to increasingly establish practices that solely focus on the profitability of the business rather than take a holistic approach of considering the external legal pressures as well as internal moral considerations. However, it is also noted that EEO initiatives alone do not yield positive outcomes for an organization and that diversity of workforce, to an extent, does help the firm achieve the desired targets. Also, it is seen that not all organizations implement EEO uniformly and also, there is a difference between what the EEO and alternately, diversity of workforce aim to achieve. As EEO aims to achieve equality in treating its employees, diversity of workforce aims to achieve a blend of diverse workforce that is efficient in delivering service to the diverse market as a whole. Also, while EEO increases the treatment quotient of the employee, it does not guarantee employee or employer commitment to business performance and fair treatment, which is EEO’s major concern (Riley, 2007). Managing diversity at workplace Within EEO organizational environment, diversity of workforce can exist to cater to the segmented market place. Diverse workforce is seen to enhance customer service to the increasingly diverse customer segment of the business where sales can increase as service is customized to appreciate customer preferences and diversity. The nature of business, customer composition, cultural and other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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