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Employee empowerment - Term Paper Example

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Name: Alin Dantes Course: Lodging Operations Control Paper Title: Employee Empowerment Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Employee Empowerment as a Business Process 3 Need for Empowering the Employees 5 Employee Empowerment –A Management Challenge 6 Employee Empowerment-Future Directives 8 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction The term employee empowerment indicates an activity of human resource management which centres on empowering or granting the employees the rights to take decisions in an autonomous manner…
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Employee empowerment
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Download file to see previous pages Empowering the employees makes the employees largely responsible for their actions to the company and thus helps in enhancing the productivity of the people. The practice of empowering the employees to perform the different tasks in an independent manner is observed to in fact change the existing polices and rules of the company making it adaptable to external demands. Empowerment of employees to take responsibilities does not only help in enhancing their productivity but rather makes them further loyal to their work and the company at large. Enthusiasm to take new and productive decisions happens to excite the employees to work in a team framework and thus enhances cooperativeness in the concern. However effective control is needed to be rendered in order to closely monitor the employees who have been empowered to act in an independent manner. This would help in enhancing managerial effectiveness and distribution of organizational workload (Messmer, 2006, p.279-280). Employee Empowerment as a Business Process Empowering employees to perform within an organizational set helps the people gain all round productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. The practice of empowering the employees to act by them should not be viewed in an isolated fashion to other business actions. Rather such activities should be taken as a continuum to the existing business and human resource processes wherein the employees are taken as human beings and not as organizational machines. The process of empowering the employees helps in enlarging the job profile of the people by helping them to shoulder additional responsibilities. It also helps the people to understand the work in a more effective manner and thus enriches their cognitive abilities in dealing with specific situations. Further the process of empowering the employee gains effectiveness through the meeting of needed actions in which the people are required to be trained and motivated to handle newer responsibilities. The organizational managers must endeavor in letting the employees gain effective access to potential information which would be needed by them to take decisions in an independent fashion. This method helps in meeting the end goals of empowering employees. Finally the organizational managers must also endeavor in enhancing the interests of the employees to perform newer tasks and in such manner instills confidence in them. Empowerment as a business process helps in creating involvement of the employees with the objectives of the business organization and thus helps the internal people to become active participants in the change process (Speegle, 2009, p.86-89). The process of employee empowerment is best effective in regards to a flat organization structure wherein the employees can actively cooperate with their supervisors to help in accomplishing a certain business objective. Employee empowerment by dint of the above function is often correlated with the tenets of ‘Total Quality Improvement’ and ‘Business Process Reengineering’. It is because the process helps in increasing the total productivity of the different organizational people and thus helps in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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