Literature review about ( dose the follow up with one single physician at diabetic clinic improve the complaiance ) - Essay Example

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Does The Follow Up With One Single Physician In Diabetic Clinic Improve Compliance? Name Tutor College Course Date Abstract Compliance also known as adherence in relation to medicine is the extent to which a patient behavior relates to a medical advice. Medical compliance is very critical to any healthcare experts…
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Literature review about ( dose the follow up with one single physician at diabetic clinic improve the complaiance )
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Download file to see previous pages The compliance of diabetic patients is estimated to range from 11% to 93%. It is also estimated that around a third of the total diabetics patients fail to complete their medications. Poor compliance places the patients a t risk of continued disease and also complicates the relationship between the patient and the physician. This article looks at how compliance can depend on the way that a patient relates with the physician. It also looks at the relationship between a patient who only sees one physician and that patient with many physicians and compares their level of compliance based on these facts. It is noted that a one on one relationship is needed for patients to increase their level of compliance. This is because this will enhance better communication between the physician and the patient. Our main question is, can the level of compliance be increased if a patient only has one physician and can the level of compliance be reduced in the event where a patient has many physicians. The article tries to look at 20 articles that deal with health records and try to read and understand the relationship between having one physician and compliance. 20 articles have been looked and out of them 4 have been selected and given a critical appraisal. Introduction Diabetes is a disease that is affecting most people in the world today. Once someone has been diagnosed with diabetes it is always normal for them to come after some to the hospital or health care centers for medication and advice on how to live healthy and what to do and what not to do. When these patients come to the health facilities some hospitals will keep changing their physicians while some will just maintain one physician for every patient, meaning that a patient will only be able to see the physician that he saw on the first date and not keep changing the physician. In this research paper, 20 articles are taken and used to compare the relationship between seeing one physician and seeing different physicians. The search strategy used in this paper is known as Framing the research question, in this type of search analysis, the question is framed and then put on the search engine for and used to search for the 20 articles. The search terminology used includes “compliance”, and “a patient with one physician”. I came up with questions such as “what is the relationship between having one diabetes patient and compliance in medicine”. Out of this I found thousands of articles and selected 20 articles which I have used for the paper. Later on I selected 4 of the articles and did a thorough analysis of them and came up with the information that will be discussed below. The four articles were selected mainly based on their content and the data that they contain. 20 articles were selected from the internet and used for analysis. There were two searches that were used, the first search was limited to the records of the past 2 years about the patient dropout while the second search was limited to the records of patients who dropped out of their medications or refused medication. The 20 articles that were used for this paper were valid to clinical relevance. It is however important to note that the reliability of the data is not guaranteed since some of the patients don’t report cases of incompliance. This is to say that compliance is lower than reported. According to Elliot (2000, p.120), a research using diabetes patients in England showed that there was 60% compliance. However ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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