Human resourse practice in China - Essay Example

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This report highlights the HR practices in China, mainly discussing five aspects of HR i.e. recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation and labor relations…
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Human resourse practice in China
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Download file to see previous pages It also focuses on identifying the connections among these practices and highlighting the cultural dimensions of China. 1.1 Recruitment and selection In historical perspective, recruitment and selection of employees had little significance in China. They were following an iron rice bowl system, which has no policy of external labor market. All practices of HR such as recruiting, training, compensation and performance appraisal were handled by this one single system. However, after 1995, many countries started working on free labor market including China. This involved recruiting from all levels such as universities, colleges and schools, which is a common practice nowadays in China and many other developed countries. Presently, researches have noted that mostly in organizations 80% of employees get jobs on the basis of sources such as relatives, family, and friends etc. this is an illegal practice. This large amount of percentage should be reduced and other people should also be preferred while recruiting and selection process. It have also been noted that most of the companies in China also prefer to transfer managers internally in order to fill the vacancies rather than hiring a person from outside (Child J, 2000). A selection criterion of China differs as compared to the other western countries. It focuses more on its cultural values i.e. guanxi, which means that there should be relationship among companies, employees and the government. Then only an organization leads to success. This culture focuses on the idea that employees should know that they are obliged to create a fit in their job and company should be able to retain the excess staff in case of new positions. This results to over employment in an organization. In recruiting and selection process companies should have more focus on skill and experience of a person rather than identifying that a person is Chinese or a foreigner, which is the common practice of Chinese companies. 1.2 Training and development Education, training and development of employees lead to efficiency in performance and provide various benefits to the enterprise. In past it was identified that about 1.5% of workers in china had a suitable qualification, 27.3% studied till high school and 7.8% workers had technical knowledge. This shows that Chinese workers had lack of skills and were untrained. But after centralization of economy, China has concentrated more on the training and development of employees. Workers were provided internships and technical education in order to make them skilled persons. But a major problem identified in this program was that during training it resulted that most of the workers mismatched with their job, which lead to less work and productivity. Training programs were more concentrated on political issues in order to enhance the culture of China rather than technical education. This led to a drawback and indicates that the training system of China is mostly linked to theory rather than practice. Workers are provided very narrow training aspect and they lack the ability to solve a problem in a practical way. Therefore, it can be said that the training and development process of China is passive and it does not produce creative and dynamic workers (Wei L & Lau C, 2005). Talented employees switch their jobs on two condition i.e. good salary or better carrier opportunities. But research indicated that in China employees are switching job because of better environment, compensation, knowledge, respectful position and carrier growth. In order to cope up with this situation Chinese management association introduced various courses on the education of management systems in many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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