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Southwark Cathedral is the oldest Gothic church located in London. The Cathedral has been an important place of Christian worship since 606AD. Southwark Cathedral is actually older than Westminster and St Paul’s Cathedral. One of its most famous parishioners is William Shakespeare…
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Southwark Cathedral Millennium Project
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Download file to see previous pages The history of the Southwark Cathedral Millennium Project goes back as far as 1930 when it was first initiated. The main objective of this project was to create an environment that would be good enough to meet the emerging needs of not only the congregation, but also the visitors and staff. The financial support for this project came mainly from the Millennium Commission. The plans for the project included the construction of a new library building, refectory and shop. The exhibition space was also expected to be expanded under the Southwark Cathedral Millennium Project (Millennium Commission, 2010). As part of the project, the old buildings were also supposed to be upgraded and the surrounding environment which was degrading at the time was expected to be improved.

In 1997, London-based architects, Elizabeth Banks Associates, were given the responsibility of redesigning the cathedral grounds with the help and recommendation of Richard Griffiths Associates, who were the lead architect of the establishment. The upgrading and improvements were finally completed in 2001 (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, 2011). The result was a recast churchyard and an improved access for the disabled. There were also new improved garden spaces and a public square which is found on the northern side of the cathedral. New refectory building and visitor centres were also added as part of the project. The project cost a total of 10,682,738 pounds and it was seen as part of the wider scheme of regenerating the south bank of the River Thames (Millennium Commission, 2010). Figure one below shows the Southwark Cathedral. Fig 1: Southwark Cathedral Courtesy of Anglican Mainstram OGC Gateway Review Model This project review will follow the OGC Gateway Review Model, which is designed to confirm whether or not the expected benefits of a project have been achieved and operations are running smoothly. This review model is based on six main aspects. These are: review of operating phase, business case and benefits management, plans for ongoing improvements in value for money, plans for ongoing improvements in performance and innovation, review of organizational learning and maturity targets and readiness for the future (Office of Government Commerce, 2010). In 1997, Elizabeth Banks Associates (EBA) was given the task of working on the Southwark project after a recommendation by the official architects of the Cathedral, Richard Griffiths Architects. The other project team members included: Max Fordham Associates who were in charge of the services, Alan Baxter Associates as the structural engineers, Citex were the project managers, Bucknall Austin were the quantity surveyors while the Pre-construction Archaeology provided Archaeological surveying services. Sutton Vane Associates were in charge of lighting throughout the project duration. Their main ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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