Technology and Its Role in Creating a Corporate Culture - Essay Example

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Table of Contents Table of Contents Introduction Problem Statement Literature Review Analysis Solutions Reflection References Bibliography Introduction Verizon Wireless is considered as one of the greatest service providers in the US that serves both local as well as wireless telecommunication…
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Technology and Its Role in Creating a Corporate Culture
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Download file to see previous pages The organization was developed based on the technology of 21st century in order to bring innovative changes in telecommunication industry. In present scenario, the organization is not confined to a single area rather it has approached forward to make its global presence so as to spread the name. The vertical integration strategy of Verizon Communications has performed a great role by making supply as well as saving the time and capital (Verizon, “Profile”). The organization is a service provider which encompasses of four working divisions such as ‘Domestic Telecom’, ‘Domestic Wireless’, ‘Information Services’, and ‘International’. The services of ‘Domestic Telecom’ include telephone operations and products. Services of ‘domestic wireless’ includes ‘wireless voice’ along with ‘data services’ as well as selling of equipments. ‘Information services’ includes domestic as well as global publishing businesses that comprise of print ‘SuperPages, Electronic directories’ along with website creation and services of electronic commerce. The International division has wireline along with wireless communications function as well as investments in America and Europe (Verizon, “Mission Statement”). The organization has faced various hardships during the initial days. However, after the incorporation of high technology and good leadership activities the company has gained huge success in its business path. The leadership aspect was considered as the exclusive part of the company as this quality has guided the company to be in the better path. The leadership quality developed mission statement of the company that would not just direct but also assist the company to generate “Business Code of Conduct”. The code symbolizes broader concept because it is related to the achievement of the company and also facilitates to make clear issues regarding the existence of the Verizon Wireless along with its goals and objectives. The organization focused on four values such as ‘Integrity’, ‘Respect’, and ‘Performance Excellence’ along with ‘Accountability’ for achieving its goal. The organization is focused towards creation of wireless technology as well as telecommunication. The organization was previously named as Bell Atlantic and that time it had a separate mission. The corporate environment as well as culture was completely different from its present scenario. Bell Atlantic had diverse corporate policy and had no code of conduct. With change in technology within the organization there was transformation in among the employees with due course of time. Bell Atlantic was started in the year 1983 and the company was highly successful due to its specific performance appraisal. The main aim of the organization was to show a pattern of shift from Bell Atlantic to Verizon Wireless. I have been working in Verizon Wireless since its commencement of operations. I have worked in several departments of the organization such as transportation logistics and inventory control along with auditing and compliance. 2.0 Problem Statement The purpose of the study is to explain ‘how does leadership skill helps in managing change in organizational culture in terms of technology’. There is a great role of leadership activities in Verizon Wireless. The leadership role facilitated the company to build technological ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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