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Managerial Decision Making Process in Sirius XM - Case Study Example

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The study "Managerial Decision Making Process in Sirius XM " is an analysis of the managerial decisions that have been made by SIRIUS XM from time to time in response to the changes in the market. The study, in particular, analyzes the economic impact of the environment on the organization…
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Managerial Decision Making Process in Sirius XM
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Download file to see previous pages The satellite radio covers a wide area of broadcasting and covers nationwide broadcast. Since technology allows the radio to be broadcasted to all over the nation. The following report analyzes the position of the company and the various decisions that the company has made over time.  Through the report, the managerial decisions that are taken by the company from time to time in respect of the change in the business environment of the company are analyzed. The purpose of the report is to find out if the company has taken any wrong managerial decision in response to change of the economic environment and whether some of the decisions that the company took could be changed for better.
Sirius XM in 2013 completed the reorganization of the company and as a component of the corporate reorganization, Sirius was replaced by holding.
Holdings reinstated Sirius XM and formed the new publicly detained corporation of Sirius XM. Sirius XM is the wholly-owned ancillary of Sirius XM Holdings and the company has no other subsidiary. Sirius XM holdings have only one wholly-owned subsidiary and the wholly-owned company has no other companies other than the subsidiary Sirius XM. The company broadcasts music, entertainment, sports, comedy, news, talk, weather channels, and traffic and infotainment services.
The services are provided by the company through two satellite radio systems on the basis of subscription fees. It is possible for the customers to receive music and other services through channels and also added features such as Sirius XM on-demand and My SXM over the internet radio services and also includes applications for mobile devices. The primary source of revenue is the subscription fees that are paid by the customers of the company who subscribes to the services that are provided by the company on monthly, Quarterly, semi-annually and yearly basis (SiriusXm Holdings Inc, 2015).  The company also derives revenue through activation and other fees.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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