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Campaign Finance - Crisis on the Southern Border - Research Paper Example

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This paper declares that the money raised to support the campaign bid for a certain candidate towards vying for electoral posts such as the presidential position is referred to as Campaign finance. There are different names also used to refer to the same finance…
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Campaign Finance - Crisis on the Southern Border
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Download file to see previous pages The more the Campaign finance a certain contesting candidate is able to raise, the higher the chances of their scooping the elective post.
This is so because, when an individual contestant is in a position of raising a huge sum of Campaign finance, they are better placed to undertake successful political campaigns, organize events and commute far and wide to sell their policies and ideologies. Additionally, with more financing, the contestant is in a position to prepare descent and more campaign material such as television advertising, posters, caps, and billboards. However, worth noting is the fact that in the modern society, Campaign finance is not only used for election campaigns. Such finance is also raised for other purposes such as supporting referendums, party activities, and organizations. The Political Action Committees, also popularly known as the super PACs are the units that are involved in the planning, raising and spending on Campaign finance.
Super PACs are very crucial part of a contestant’s campaign, in that; they greatly determine the success or failure of a given contestant of an elective post. This is so because, the effectiveness of super PACs determines how well they can raise funds for their contestants and parties, thus determining how well their candidates are able to carry out successful campaigns, by meeting all the financial needs that such campaigns would require (David, 7). Campaign finance can be raised either through private funding or public funding. For example, in the 2004 presidential elections of the USA, the political action committees working for the then two contestants, Bush and Kerry managed to raise, close to half a billion US dollars Campaign finance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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