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How has the 2010 earthquake in Haiti affected the tourism in Haiti - Research Paper Example

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Student Full Name Professor Course Date Submitted Tourism in Haiti after the January 2010 Earthquake Even before the January 2010 earthquake, travel and tourism has already been regarded as one of Haiti’s promising industry, given its unique climate, history and culture (Lundahl 64)…
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How has the 2010 earthquake in Haiti affected the tourism in Haiti
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Download file to see previous pages In fact after WWII, Haiti was among the leading countries that had taken advantage of the international tourism that had aroused from the global economic restoration. This had created in Haiti an estimate of more than 60,000 direct and indirect jobs, contributed a 3.5% share to the country’s GDP, and earned an annual income of $50 million. (International Monetary Fund 34) According to Americas, during 1950s and ‘60s Haiti had been one of the strongest competitors in the tourism industry in the Caribbean (qtd. in Pawlowski 1). However, the development of tourism in Haiti has been historically lopsided and marred with many setbacks. Even during the most auspicious times, Haiti’s tourism has never attracted a significant portion of the total Antilles tourist market. Only Labadie on the northern coast has achieved consistent success, being the docking site of tourist cruises in the Caribbean (Lundahl 64). It was in Labadie where the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has been landing in Haiti for nearly 30 years, without informing tourists that it is actually part of Haiti, instead referring to it as an ‘island’ on Hispaniola (Lazar, par. 12-3; Pawlowski 2). ...
ne Preval in 2004 has brought a slow yet better changes to Haiti, such as, a stabilizing Haiti’s political climate; a steadying economic growth since 2006 (Lies 43-4) with an improved annual growth rate from 1.8% (2005) to 2.4% (2009) (International Crisis Group 8); and positive prospects to Haiti’s tourism industry. In fact, before the earthquake a number of positive indicators show renewed interest for Haiti as a tourist destination in the Caribbean. For example, the Choice Hotels plans to establish two hotels in Jacmel, Southern Haiti; a second international airport in Cap-Haitien is to be built by Venezuela; and a positive review and promotion on Haiti as one of the most exciting travel destination is being plugged by Lonely Planet. (Pawlowski 1-2) Seeing tourism more from an economic perspective, which Pearce defined as “tourism’s ability to generate income, jobs and corporate profits, bring in foreign exchange, boost tax revenues, diversify the economy and aid regional development,” (qtd in Pearce 4) despite its not yet so stable political climate and fragile security situation, Haiti’s tourism is getting its boost to improve the country’s poor economy. Then in one instant, a natural disaster had crumbled to the ground the small gains yet vital start to bounce back Haiti’s tourism, leaving Haiti in a far more dismal state. Earthquake in Haiti’s Tourism Even after the largest and most devastating earthquake that had ever hit Haiti on the 12th of January 2010, Haiti’s tourism is still widely seen to be the country’s key to economic recovery, citing northern Haiti, which fortunately was spared of the earthquake wreckage, as the country’s focus of tourism development (Smets, par. 8). With the earthquake having literally ruined Port-au-Prince ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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