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North Carolina Wake County Busing Policy - Case Study Example

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"North Carolina Wake County Busing Policy" paper provides the stance of both the policymakers who are scrapping the policy of diversity and the civilians who are objecting to it. It would put forward some recommendations which can be implemented to prevent any issue. …
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North Carolina Wake County Busing Policy
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Extract of sample "North Carolina Wake County Busing Policy"

Download file to see previous pages To ensure that the education sector is diversified it is seen that in the United States of America many such policies have been implemented. In 1970s diversity was considered an important tool by the educational experts so that they could help students understand each other. The board of education of North Carolina then formulated a scheme for students through which they could practice a diversity of races in schools. This was known as the North Carolina Wake County Busing Policy which was functional till the late twenty-first century. It was now in July 2010 that the issue was raised again by the educational board members who then decided to scrap the policy of diversity with community-based schools. (Liane Membis 2010; Stacy Teicher Khadaroo 2010). An issue has been raised ever since by many civilians and experts so that the policy is not scrapped. 

The history of the policies of diversity in schools can be traced to the 1950s when the Supreme Court had ruled out unequal school systems. It was then in 1971 that North Carolina adopted policies for integration and desegregation of students from each other. In 1971 the policy implemented for diversity was basically associated with races such as Hispanics, blacks, and whites. According to this policy the individuals were judged by their race and were sent to schools that were diversified so that one single school did not get stuffed with the same kinds of races. This was to ensure that any act of racism did not occur in schools. The diversity policy was quite successful in the schools but the race-based policy was changed in 1999 to a socio economic-based diversity policy. According to this policy, the children belonging to wealthy families were not concentrated in one special school but were rather provided with a diversified environment. In other words, these students were given space so that they could communicate with people belonging to different races and socioeconomic statuses (Robbie Brown 2010; Stacy Teicher Khadaroo 2010). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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