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Economy and Social Activity of The Broken Hill Community - Case Study Example

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"Economy and Social Activity of The Broken Hill Community" analyzes The Broken Hill community which was established in the late 1880s once it was learned that there existed a large reserve of silver, lead and zinc in the Barrier Ranges located nearby the area…
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Economy and Social Activity of The Broken Hill Community
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Extract of sample "Economy and Social Activity of The Broken Hill Community"

Download file to see previous pages Soon a retail industry was built up and the community began to grow and is considered to be a society with a civic nature (Learning Communities in Education and Training, 2009). The community of Broken Hill can be considered to be highly diverse with a census that was conducted in the area in 1996 showed that out of the then population there were 961 people who came from overseas and a large amount of those was not from an English speaking nation. The large composition of the population in the community at the time was aboriginals or Torres Strait Islanders. Broken Hill thus shows a varying ethnic community and a diverse mindset considering a large proportion of the people are from nations such as Greece, Malta and even Italy (Learning Communities in Education and Training, 2009). Due to the varying nature of the cultural background that the people belong to there has been a need to ensure that what health service is given to the indigenous population or otherwise, it is in line with their cultural beliefs. However, all these are more or less based on the facilities that are actually provided by Broken Hill. At the moment there is a Mental Health facility in the region that caters to the needs of patients not only in Broken Hill itself but also takes in patients from other towns nearby. The Broke Hill Base Hospitals Mental Health Inpatient Unit was also visited in 2008 by Minister Barbara Perry, who was assisting the Minister for Health (Mental Health) at the time. She even commended that staff of their exceptional work to provide the best health care possible (Minister tours Mental Health facilities at Broken Hill, 2008). Due to the region's high reserves of lead in the form of ore, there have been a large number of cases when the lead level in children’s blood has raised high leading to poisoning which also prompted the setting up of facilities to counter the growing problem.

There is also present the Broken Hill Medical Centre which has a staff onboard of five General Practitioners. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Economy and Social Activity of The Broken Hill Community Case Study.
(Economy and Social Activity of The Broken Hill Community Case Study)
Economy and Social Activity of The Broken Hill Community Case Study.
“Economy and Social Activity of The Broken Hill Community Case Study”.
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