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Europe and Emerging Economies: India - Research Proposal Example

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This paper "Europe and Emerging Economies: India" discusses India as an emerging economy though some people may have doubts still. The less impact of the current global financial crisis on the Indian economy is an answer to the critics of India’s claim as an emerging economy…
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Europe and Emerging Economies: India
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Extract of sample "Europe and Emerging Economies: India"

Download file to see previous pages This paper briefly explains the importance of Europe and India in the current world and the mutual economic cooperation between these two regions.
I have used only secondary sources for conducting this research. I have taken ideas from reputed electronic references like JSTOR, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, etc and also from articles written by many reputed authors like Dr. Singh, Gupta, Gabriel Rozman, etc. I tried to find similar arguments in these articles in order to strengthen the claims presented in this paper. Moreover, I tried to explore diverse areas of cooperation between Europe and India in order to write a multifaceted article. I tried to analyze and interpret the ideas taken from the references meaningfully in order to make this paper useful to the readers.

Basu, (2010) described India’s economy as a success story in the last two decades after the major economic crisis in 1991(Basu, 2010). Mr. Man Mohan Singh, the current prime minister and the former finance minister under in the Narasimha Rao government, has laid foundations for the economic revival in India. He has started to implement bold reform measures in the ’90s with the support from the leadership, which resulted in rapid economic growth rate.

Gupta, (n. d) has pointed out the growth in Indian manufacturing industry (textile, food products, real estate, consumer goods, automobile industry, biotechnology, entertainment, handicrafts, etc) and Service industry (telecom, business process outsourcing, information technology, medical science/hospitals, hospitality industry/tourism, Engineering, securities, transport, etc), in order to establish India’s credentials as an emerging economy. Moreover, he has also pointed out that the Indian manufacturing sector recorded a growth rate of 9.4% in 2005-06 and the service sector contributed around 54.2% of India’s GDP during the same period. (Gupta,n.d, p.3) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Europe and Emerging Economies: India Research Proposal.
(Europe and Emerging Economies: India Research Proposal)
Europe and Emerging Economies: India Research Proposal.
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