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Do Immigrants Take Away Jobs and Reduce Wages of Native Workers - Essay Example

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This paper "Do Immigrants Take Away Jobs and Reduce Wages of Native Workers" discusses immigrants into the UK who are from different countries and who are understand the effect of their entry we need to study the immigrants from each country separately. …
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Do Immigrants Take Away Jobs and Reduce Wages of Native Workers
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Extract of sample "Do Immigrants Take Away Jobs and Reduce Wages of Native Workers"

Download file to see previous pages A considerable portion of the population of the UK is comprised of people who migrated to the country generations back and, fully integrated into the community; they enjoy equal status as their native counterparts. It is the fresh immigrants and their effect that is the subject of this essay.
The principles of Demand and Supply apply to the workforce market, as they do any other market. In a stable economic environment when supply exceeds demand, the prices fall and vice versa. The wage paid to the workforce is its price and includes benefits over and above the basic wage paid. With the influx of employable hands, in the form of immigrants, the supply increases over the demand pushing the prices down. This means that the native population has more stable work and is most likely to retain their jobs during a downturn in the economy.

 We need to consider the skill level required to carry out different types of work. A very large percentage of the immigrant workforce is looking for work that the native workforce is averse to doing. Only those native workers, who dropped out of high school, are looking for employment at the levels most penetrated by immigrant workers. The pressure on the wages and the jobs is maximum at levels and in such jobs that require no skill or very little. It is in such jobs that the native workers face the maximum competition. These are areas where a native worker without a high school diploma will work, but reluctantly. A survey carried out by the Home Office also reveals that the immigrant workers have a larger percentage of graduates than exist in the country (Dustmann et al 2003). This trend is now changing with the influx of immigrants from European countries whose employability is the same as native white people. Their wages are also the same if not better compared with those of native white citizens. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Do Immigrants Take Away Jobs and Reduce Wages of Native Workers Essay - 1, n.d.)
Do Immigrants Take Away Jobs and Reduce Wages of Native Workers Essay - 1.
(Do Immigrants Take Away Jobs and Reduce Wages of Native Workers Essay - 1)
Do Immigrants Take Away Jobs and Reduce Wages of Native Workers Essay - 1.
“Do Immigrants Take Away Jobs and Reduce Wages of Native Workers Essay - 1”.
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