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The article selected on the topic of smoking is from The Economist’s print edition. This article focuses on the use of cigarettes by pregnant women. It says that many countries…
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An analysis of a news article (health economics)
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Smoking in Pregnancy: Huffing and Puffing An Article Review Teacher 31st May We all know that smoking is injurious to health but it is more injurious for pregnant women. The article selected on the topic of smoking is from The Economist’s print edition. This article focuses on the use of cigarettes by pregnant women. It says that many countries including France are thinking to print this warning about pregnant women on the packs of cigarettes. Most of the mothers quit smoking in their pregnancy right after knowing that they are pregnant. Quitting smoking is important due to the reason that smoking can harm the baby. But many mothers lie about their smoking habits during pregnancy due to domestic issues, stress, mental and other health problems. Some doctors allow the use of a few cigarettes a day upon the request of the patient which may harm the health of the baby. Some part of the world like Scotland and the US are offering certain benefits to pregnant women upon the promise of not smoking until the birth of child. The use of cigarettes is more common in poor and uneducated families all over the world.
This article is about child development topic of our syllabus. Child development is an important topic of health economics. Child development process is a nine month long process that requires pregnant women to quit many substances like cigarette and alcohol. Some other issues related to child development are also discussed. This article is a nice piece of work on the topic of smoking during pregnancy. Laws, statistics and facts from different part of the world make this article more important. It also includes different approaches to deal with pregnancy.
The Economist, “Smoking in Pregnancy: Huffing and Puffing,” The Economist, April 4th, 2015,
accessed May 31, 2015, Read More
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