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Economic Growth - Solow Growth Model and Beyond - Essay Example

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Solow (1956) recognizes it is an economic framework that focuses on long-run economic growth that is in the neoclassical economics framework. In expounding in his model, Solow (1956) explains the long-run economic…
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Economic Growth - Solow Growth Model and Beyond
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Extract of sample "Economic Growth - Solow Growth Model and Beyond"

Download file to see previous pages At the core of this model, it is a neoclassical aggregate production function that in most cases is similar to Cobb – Douglas model and this makes it possible for this model to be in contact with microeconomics. This model was established by Robert Solow and Trevor Swan in the year 1956 (Dimand and Spencer, 2008). Dimand and Spencer (2008) say that the version of Solow’s Growth model where savings are chosen optimally by utility maximization of the households is known as the Neoclassical Growth Model. The neoclassical model was an extension of Harrod – Domar model that was developed in 1946. It superseded Harrod – Domar model due to the characteristic mathematical attractiveness. In that sense, the model was a convenient start point for various extensions (Hendrik and Lewer, 2015).
David Cass developed a solution for the growth model in 1965 with technological change and the growth in population (Jones, 1997). Jones (1997) observed that Solow and Swan did an extension of Harrod - Domar model, first, by the addition of labor as a factor of production. Secondly, they ensured that the capital – labor ratios were not in a fixed position like in Harrod–Domar model’s case. In a study carried out by Jones he recognized the modification that provided for a continual increase in capital intensity which could be distinguished from progress in technology (Jones, 1997). In this sense, they independently simplified the growth model. Solow’s model fitted the economic growth data that was available with some level of success. In the present day, his model is used by economists in the estimation of the separate effects on the economic growth of capital, labor as well as the technological change. The previous models that include the closed economy and small open economy models give a static observation of the economy at a given point in time. The Solow growth model allows us a dynamic view of how savings affects the economy over time. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Economic Growth - Solow Growth Model and Beyond Essay.
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