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Information Tech. and the Canadian Economy - Essay Example

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The different skills that they acquire go hand in hand with the economic development of a nation. The economy of Canada goes through different challenges but also have different opportunities for…
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Information Tech. and the Canadian Economy
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Download file to see previous pages The people who were providing labor force in Canada are retiring while there are no new people to fill up their positions. The number of hours per capita from the senior citizens does not help the economy. The young men and women should, therefore, get an education. They should also have the desire for change to be able to achieve the required amount of labor force to move Canada’s economy (Miner, 2013). Immigration is one of the ways to improve the labor force. There has been a debate on the type of training and preparation the next generation should go through to ensure there are enough people for the jobs in future. In order to prepare the next generation for the labor force, the level of education attainment in the country should be increased (Clever, 2012). The level of education for the young men and women should go beyond high school. It should be through to getting diplomas, degrees, apprenticeship, industry qualification, certificate, etc. The different institutions beyond high school help the young people acquire skills and education for different parts of the labor force.
There has been major progress since 2010 as the number of high schools graduations have gone up every year. The high school graduations increase means the rise in enrollment to post-secondary education. The progress has reduced the estimates for the needed labor force in the country. It is both good and bad news for the young men and women in Canada. The reduction of the need for labor force is right in that the shortage of workers in Canada reduces significantly. It is bad in that it slows down the economic recovery and growth with Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and PEI being the ones to take most of the pain. The cities named above economies suffered the most when the economy of Canada went down (Miner, 2013). The labor force in the above locations relatively went down because of its population consisting mainly of senior citizens who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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