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Explain the different reasons why we observe low levels of intake of health micro-insurance in many developing countries - Essay Example

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The discussion will be based on a study conducted in Senegal, which have cited economic factors, ignorance, and issues of trust to be the main reasons behind the…
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Explain the different reasons why we observe low levels of intake of health micro-insurance in many developing countries
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Download file to see previous pages There is a general lack of trust about the insurance sector, with many people being under perception that the funds are either misappropriated or used for personal gains. Lack of essential insurance cover, such as that of health has led to challenge of addressing health of the population, especially in Africa. The paper will also provide some recommendation of what needs to be done to increase the uptake of health micro insurance in developing countries.
Studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that the uptake of health insurance in many developing countries, especially in Africa, remains low (Ahuja & Jütting, 2004). The situation remains a major concern owing to the fact out-of-pocket payment of health services is extremely expensive to majority of people. This means that most of them will not seek healthcare services from the formal health organizations. In counties such as Senegal, the traditional healers also play a role in treating patients. The use of traditional herbal medicine is also common, as it is perceived to be the cheapest means of treatment.
The uptake of insurance is also associated with economic, ignorance, and lack of trust. The misappropriation of health funds has discouraged most people from taking insurance. With the insurance cost remaining high in most African countries, the uptake is common in the employed population. This owes to the fact that the employers is under obligations, in many African countries, to deduct health insurance from the gross salary. Lack of information about health insurance, coupled by negative attitude towards the system has also been blamed for the low intake (Dercon, & De Weerdt, 2006). For instance, most of those living in the rural areas are found to lack in health insurance. The number of health facilities in these areas are also few, and miles away from the people.
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