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The table depicts the prevailing local change by the three major industry sectors. The three areas were Trade, manufacturing and construction industries. The positive…
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Shift-share analysis
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Shift-share analysis The prepared shift- share analysis on the country basis within the Nova Scotia for the 2004-2014 timeframe. The table depicts the prevailing local change by the three major industry sectors. The three areas were Trade, manufacturing and construction industries. The positive figure represents the provincial industry within that sector is shifting towards the jurisdiction while the negative figure depicts a shifting away from the underlying authority.
In the prevailing case of the trade sector for the South Shore Nova Scotia, the basic regional shift designates a negative value of -0.061. Thus, fewer jobs created 61 within the trade sector than had it been performing as compared to the Canada (Stimson, Stough & Roberts, 2006). Moreover, this has resulted in massive concern to the regional authorities due to its identification as one of the primary growth sectors within its 5-year economic.
Cape Breton Sydney experienced a 5.0% decrease in the manufacturing employment from the 2009-2014 while total provincial manufacturing employment declined by 3.6%. It elaborates the massive local shift number for this underlying sector. Thus, the prevailing manufacturing sector within Nova Scotia is shifting away during the period. Moreover, it is a relatively better measure of the sector’s growth.
Construction industry possesses regional shift-share of 1.172 designating that there were approximately 1100 jobs created in the sector as compared in across Canada. It is the relatively better measure of the sector’s development (Stimson, Stough & Roberts, 2006). The construction sector is shifting towards Halifax during the period. The experienced a 57.1% growth of the employment in the sector. Canada Atlantic Nova Scotia Cape Breton Sydney’s biggest positive shifts were towards construction as well as other services. It is mainly shifting away from the primary industries, accommodation and food service
% change
National growth share
Industry mix
Regional shift share
2009-20014( in %)
Total employment
In summation, the data depicts within the duration of the national affluence, and Cape Breton Sydney is mainly prosperous coupled with the experiencing of speedy development of a progressively expanded local economy. The trend will be primarily be determined by vigilant opinion and corresponding informed action.
Stimson, R. J., Stough, R., & Roberts, B. H. (2006). Regional economic development: Analysis and planning strategy. Berlin: Springer. Read More
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Shift-Share Analysis Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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