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Windows, owned by Microsoft, is the operating system installed on more than 90% of the worlds computers. Using your knowledge of economic theory, discuss whether Microsofts monopoly position is in the public interest - Essay Example

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The firm is the only provider of a particular product or service in the market and caters to all customers. Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the high technology…
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Windows, owned by Microsoft, is the operating system installed on more than 90% of the worlds computers. Using your knowledge of economic theory, discuss whether Microsofts monopoly position is in the public interest

Download file to see previous pages... Entry barriers are designed by producers to restrict entry by potential firms. Since new firms cannot enter the firm profitably, the monopoly power of the incumbent firms is protected and they are facilitated to enjoy supernormal profits in the short run as well as in the long run (Abramson, 2005). Therefore, one implication of barriers to entry is supernormal profit, often termed as monopoly profit. The other implication is that competition among firms is typically absent in monopoly market.
Monopoly market generally exists when production of certain products or offer of certain services requires specialized production equipment or specialized skills. Thus, monopoly firms need to bear high start up costs.
Monopolists practice the policy of bundling. They bundle two or more products, mostly when they are complementary with one another. This would further restrict entry of other firms in the production process of complementary products. Thus, market power of monopolists rise (Pike, 2001).
The factors mentioned above indicate that the entire market demand curve is faced by the monopolist firm and price is determined at the intersection of Marginal revenue (MR) and Marginal cost (MC). This is illustrated in the following diagram below:
Microsoft is not only a market leader, but one of its products, the Windows operating system, is installed in almost 90 percent of desktops and laptops in the around the globe. In 1998, a case had been filed in the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia regarding the fact that “Microsoft possesses (and for several years has possessed) monopoly power in the market for personal computer operating systems” (McKenzie and Shughart II, 2013). According to the judgement delivered by the Justice Department, Microsoft is a monopolist.
Bundling is the situation in which two or more products are offered simultaneously by the same seller (Krämer, 2009). When products are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Monopoly Is against Public Interest
Secondly, there must be no close substitute available for the product offered by the monopolist. Therefore, a sole provider of petroleum cannot be considered a pure monopoly as natural gas is a close substitute for heating or electricity purposes. Thirdly, due to some strong reason there must be barriers to entry and survival of potential competitors in the industry so that the firm’s monopolistic behavior and excessive profits could persist (Baumol, Blinder 2007).
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Microsoft Monopoly
Name: Course Name: Course Instructor: Date of Submission: Microsoft monopoly-Why was Microsoft investigated for antitrust behavior? Microsoft Company is one of the biggest companies in the world. It is also termed to be a computer software industry that is diversified.
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Discuss whether Microsoft's monopoly position is in the public interest
This success caused the firm to find itself in a number of litigation cases, both at home (USA) and abroad. These mixed feelings about Microsoft emanate from the fact that the firm as a monopoly on end user computer software such as PC operating system (McKenzie, 1998).
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Monopoly and Microsoft
Monopoly and Microsoft. The question of whether or not Microsoft represents a monopoly has long since been settled. With fully 90% of all computers running Microsoft operating systems, the reality of the current market speaks for itself. However, even though it is been demonstrably proven that Microsoft is in fact a monopoly, a further question that must be engaged is whether or not this monopoly could somehow represent a benefit to the consumer.
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Microsoft Windows operating system
First introduced in November 1985 as an add-on to MS-DOS, this operating system has grown from strength to strength having different variants till Windows XP and XP-Pro. Now the world is waiting for Windows Vista which is to be launched by January, 2007. Business economics tell us that a perfectly competitive market has the following characteristics:
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Microsoft and Monopoly
Computer and software industry is the leader in bringing about such changes. Microsoft is one such company, which has made a mark in this industry to the extent that the company has established a monopoly kind of lead in many segments. Monopoly as such is defined as a situation when a company or group holds majority stake for a product or service in one or more markets.
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Windows XP Operating System
Its operating system architecture is a hybrid architecture which composed of client/server, layered, object-oriented, and symmetric multiprocessing architecture principles. Windows 2000 borrows from the features of object-oriented languages. An object oriented language is a type of programming paradigm that composed of objects and classes that interact with one another.
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Earliest Microsoft operating systems to the present-day release of Windows Vista
“It all began with the release of Windows 1.0. This was Microsoft’s first attempt at commercial windowed operating system, and it was pretty much a failure” (LaMothe, 2002, p. 49). In the year 1985 on
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List and describe the three choises you have if Windows is already installed on the harddrive and you want to install a different Windows operating system
You then re-boot using a bootable CD/DVD and install the different Windows version on the newly created partition. Once installed you can use the control panel to select the default operating system. 2. Upgrade to a higher Windows system for example
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Discuss whether economic theory and the available empirical evidence justi
In the today’s business scenario, compensation of the higher authorities or executives, including the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and other officers are generally based
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