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Response to liberalism and racial justice - Essay Example

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The liberalism broadly defines the philosophy of individualism, anti-feudal and egalitarian ideology. It uses social ontology and constructs the social structure based on defined principle of rights, protection and…
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Response to liberalism and racial justice
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Extract of sample "Response to liberalism and racial justice"

In the contemporary times, liberalism has racial connotations. The liberalism broadly defines the philosophy of individualism, anti-feudal and egalitarian ideology. It uses social ontology and constructs the social structure based on defined principle of rights, protection and freedom. Indeed, liberalism often becomes the major platform for delinquent behavior and ideology that promotes racism. The dominant theory of liberalism is founded on the ideas of Whites that often negates the existence of black or refuses to recognize them as equal. The duality of existence for people therefore makes liberalism contentious. The interpretation of the same by different philosophers also indicates the varying definitions that are adopted by the liberals at their convenience.
I believe that liberalism should be simply defined in terms of equality that is able to empower people cutting across race, culture, color or nationality. Thus, true liberalism must eliminate race and promote cultural diversity to mark the freedom of people, located at different geographical region. Knowledge and education therefore become must become intrinsic to the ideology and encourage it on a global basis. The supremacy of White is a disillusion that is promoted as a legacy of past when Whites were able to buy slaves and exploit them for their own selfish needs. In the current times of rapid globalization, the diminishing geographical boundaries have resulted in new order based on mutual dependency. Thus, liberalism needs to be associated with racial justice based on equality and freedom to make choices that do not offend others or infringe their rights.
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Response to Liberalism and Racial Justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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