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Unfortunately, there is no single definition of the term ‘Economics’ exists in this world because every author has presented concept of the same in different manner. The most authentic and widely used definition has been interpretation of Adam Smith, known as the father of…
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Extract of sample "THE ECONO,Y AND MONOPOLIES"

Monopoly and US Economy s Monopoly and US Economy Unfortunately, there is no single definition of the term ‘Economics’ exists in this world because every author has presented concept of the same in different manner. The most authentic and widely used definition has been interpretation of Adam Smith, known as the father of economics (Allison, 2009). According to him, “economic is the name of earning and consuming money” (Allison, 2009).
There are two different kinds of economics, which particularly are microeconomics and macroeconomics. The concepts underlie between both of these kinds always differ from each other (Baker, 2006). Monopoly is a concept that strides under macroeconomics. In addition, it is a situation when there is a single seller in the market who acts like the godfather of all products; it means that only the seller may alter prices of the products according to his own intentions. Below mentioned are three reasons (Allison, 2009) in which monopoly would not be efficient:
In times of economic crisis when the income gets shrink
When alternative or substitute products are available
Global Influence
There has been a consensus many times practically that a government intervenes in the decision making of the country in economic activities like monopoly. United States (US) is one of those economies that used antitrust policies to stop a monopoly from occurring. There are several companies that faced problems here in the US and the name of Microsoft is one of them, largest company of software development in the country.
The government of the US took several actions against the company to restrict their quota of manufacturing products in order not to build monopolistic stance within the economy. Apart from that, Microsoft was obliged to disclose everything in front of the public before the making and launching of any product in order to minimize the effects of monopoly to comply with the standards and to be in contact with the economic consequences with the country of origin.
Allison, D. (2009). Economics. McGraw Hill Publications.
Baker, J. (2006). Economic Consequences. John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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THE ECONO,Y AND MONOPOLIES Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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