Global Economic and Political Development in Relation to Gender Inequality - Essay Example

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This paper under the headline "Global Economic and Political Development in Relation to Gender Inequality" focuses on the fact that in order to have a sustainable global economic and political development there is a need for governance policies that support the inclusion of all genders…
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Global Economic and Political Development in Relation to Gender Inequality
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Extract of sample "Global Economic and Political Development in Relation to Gender Inequality"

There as well as the need to describe women not in relation to what they are directly contributing to the global economy but also in other non-competitive facets of social life.
There is a need to empower not only the women but the marginalized as well as have them participate in political social and economic spheres for a sustainable acceleration of social and economic development (Griffin, 102). Exposing women and the poor to opportunities such as affordable funds and having policies that intervene on their behalf not only liberalizes them but as well offers them a competitive edge and a level entrance in the global market.

However, gender inequality should not only lean towards the women but toward any gender group that is disadvantaged (Griffin, 99). Socializing and exposing in equal gender either male or female to the competitive economy would give them a better chance in the global political economy. Giving priority to women and less privileged and having strategies of empowering the group by the policymakers would yield tangible and measurable results in the global economic development as they play a great role. For the global economy to grow drastically the issue of gender inequality must be eradicated completely in our society. Read More
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