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Economic Indicators - Essay Example

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In the paper “Economic Indicators” the author analyzes Economic Indicators, which illustrate how sound the economy is working at present and how well it is going to perform in the future. These indicators influence the investor’s predictions about the future of the economy…
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Economic Indicators
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Extract of sample "Economic Indicators"

Download file to see previous pages The major pro cyclic economic indicators are GDP, Interest rates, Investment, Inflation, Labor etc. While the main counter cyclic economic indicators are Unemployment, International Trade, and Federal Finances etc. The Gross Domestic Product is one of the most significant direct indicators in the economy. It is vital to monitor the growth rate of the GDP. Any deviation from the range tends to have a significant impact on the economy. An increase in the growth rate above the general level may lead to high inflation and poor performance in the rate of growth leads to a recession. Interest Rate is a pro cyclic or direct economic indicator. They are used to manage the booms and slumps in the business cycle and finely tune it. The interest rates fall in recessions and they rise in inflationary periods. International trade is the swapping of goods and services between countries, which tends to have countercyclical nature. When an economy is prospering and experiencing an economic boom then people choose to spend a bigger part of their income on imported and local goods and services, however, exports don’t have such alterations. This in turn upsets the balance of trade, as net exports are negative, which results in more being imported and less being exported. Whereas, when an economy is in a slump, people tend to spend less on imported goods and services and just focus on the basic necessities. This encourages more goods and services to be exported and has a favorable impact on the balance of trade as less is being imported. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mini and the 1-series rapidly grew at a much higher rate through 2008. Since the early days of the new millennium, BMW has been one of the first automakers to utilize flexible factories in which more than one vehicle model could be produced at the same time. This enabled the company to meet shifts in market demand more effectively than BMW’s competitors could. BMW challenges to retain its market position in the international market for luxury cars. Many automakers, such as Hyundai with its Genesis sedan or Nissan's Infiniti brand are increasingly successful in realizing higher margins earned on luxury vehicles. BMW is rated behind luxury brands such as Lexus, Porsche, Mercedes, and Infiniti for these reasons

1. Th...
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To begin with, many of the policies enacted on citizenship and immigration have brought about incessant controversy in Australia. In addition, the exceeding emphasis put on the multicultural policy has given rather unfavorable outcomes to both Australia and the UK. Policies that are intended to ensure equal representation and opportunities often create frustration and disappointment among certain interest g...
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he issues include inter-firm relations, trans-nationalization, regional culture, various production systems, regional culture, flows of knowledge through social networks, closely tied personal and business lives, embeddedness in surrounding society, external control and ownership, and contractual relations. Boundaries are demarcations of the firm’s structure that comprises an organization. All the above make demarcation of a firm difficult to ascertain. Boundaries are important in defining how and when things are done in the firm and establish rules and norms for inclusion or seclusion. It also determines parameters of organizational influence depending on the degree of the sector and its power over external influences. This...
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Some of the territories led to a war with Mexico from which the United States emerged victorious, expanding its territories and decisively establishing its dominance in North America.

President Andrew Jackson led an example of an administration that set the stage for the way in which James Polk would lead. In 1817, as a still yet military leader, Jackson led the United States into the first of three conflicts with the Seminole Indians from which the acquisition of Florida from Spain would be negotiated and finalized. The situation with Spain was tenuous and should have been dealt with in a diplomatic and cautious manner, but in 1817 President Monroe wrote a letter to General Jackson stating that “Great interests...
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Global corporations are heightening their awareness of the nature of their business relationships with diverse governments considered of primary importance to manage factors influencing their performance. From among the elements that global organizations closely and continuously evaluate, the social and economic impacts are considered of significant importance. As the components and diverse perspectives of globalization affect both the host organizations and those nations they do business with, this research aims to proffer significant social and economic issues that impact global strategies.

The concept of globalization encompasses theories beyond the traditional view that global corporations merely do business abroad....
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