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Explain and discuss the golden rule of accumulation and assess the implications for macroeconomic policy - Essay Example

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If the population of the country is experiencing a hike there is also a possibility that more output is being produced and this will contribute towards the nation’s economic growth…
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Explain and discuss the golden rule of accumulation and assess the implications for macroeconomic policy
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Extract of sample "Explain and discuss the golden rule of accumulation and assess the implications for macroeconomic policy"

Download file to see previous pages All such factors are considering by policy makers while implementing macroeconomic policies for the country. The savings investment behavior of the economy can be captured through neoclassical economics including the golden rule of accumulation. The golden rule is adopted to move towards optimum consumption. The golden rule determines the desired level of savings since under this level all profits are saved and then reinvested (Baumgartner and Meredith, 1995, p.6). Thus the current paper tends to discuss the golden rule of accumulation and its implications for macroeconomic policies.
The production function of a country depicts how the country utilizes the available resources and inputs for producing output. Land, labor, capital and organization are termed as factors of production. We mainly use capital (K) and labor (L) as the two factors. It is given as,
Equally important as production is the concept of consumption which is the difference between income and savings. The consumption function depicts the relation between consumption and disposable income (Consumption Function). It is given as,
Attainment of steady state means that an economy has gained stability. A country has attained steady state either due to increase or decrease in growth. It occurs when production rates or the country’s investment equals depreciation. Such a phenomenon is shown in the diagram below: B B depreciation (δk)
Here it is seen that under the steady state output labor ratio becomes stagnant as investment becomes equal to depreciation at point A. production function determines the output- labor ratio at point B. Away from A the economy is converging towards steady state.
Under the steady state the government requires to choose that level of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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