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Please make a discussion for macro economics class (not more than 250 words) sample in bottom of instructions - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Josh Mitchell, writer of The Wall Street article Job Rise Shows Slow Recovery, gives his opinions on why the unemployment rate has slightly decreased and what this means for the short-term future. The number of people looking for work has significantly increased in the last…
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Extract of sample "Please make a discussion for macro economics class (not more than 250 words) sample in bottom of instructions"

Download file to see previous pages One of the reasons why she has yet to find any jobs is because of the tons and tons of people applying for jobs. Overall, the outlook of the economy is better than it was three months ago; although that does not mean that it will stay that way. The problem for the economy is that it is not improving despite all these new jobs being created. In order for the economy to be affected, there will have to be more significant growth in the job market in the short term. This issue is one that Democrats and Republicans do not see eye to eye on. They both recognize that new jobs have to be created in order to kick-start the economy, but they both have very different views on how to do it. I think that the unemployment rate will hover close to nine percent in the near future because, although the economy is more stable now, the number of new jobs being created is not enough to help boost the economy back to where it was before the global financial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Please Make a Discussion for Macro Economics Class (not More Than 250 Admission/Application Essay.
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