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Corruption in the Pakistan Government - Term Paper Example

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The term paper "Corruption in the Pakistan Government" states that A review of the literature reveals that the concept of corruption has been discussed even during the times of the great philosopher Aristotle. Tthe term has been meant to describe what Aristotle had written on the topic…
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Corruption in the Pakistan Government
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Extract of sample "Corruption in the Pakistan Government"

Download file to see previous pages The primary aim of this study is to review the extent of corruption in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It will also review whether corruption and poor governance have forced its people to seek other forms of assistance, especially those of illegal militant groups.
According to Aristotle “the deviation or corruption of kingship is tyranny. Both kingship and tyranny are forms of government by a single person, but the tyrant studies his own advantage…..the king looks to that of his subjects” (Heidenheimer, 1997, P. 3). The journal article ‘Social sciences and the evolving concept of corruption’ provides more connotations or meaning to the term corruption. In Biblical terms, corruption is plain injustice, while the current perception of corruption means accepting of bribes. The French have a broader perspective and sees corruption as all acts of crime done by civil servants and include the judiciary as well as the people who try to corrupt the above two classes (G´ENAUX, 2004). But, the definition of the term provided by the OECD, apparently covers all the above perceptions as it defines corruption as “the abuse of public or private office for personal gain” (OECD, 2008, P. 22). This paper will consider the above definition when reviewing the topic of corruption in Pakistan.

Pakistan can definitely be classified as a developing economy and studies have shown that corruption levels are higher here when compared to developed ones. Some developing economies have a faster growth rate when compared to others, and there are no perceptible differences in corruption levels in both instances (Rose-Ackerman, 2006, p. 218). It has to be seen whether the above two factors hold good in the case of Pakistan as well. In other words, it has to be seen whether corruption in the country is high or low, and also whether it is comparable with a high growth economy like India, China, or Brazil. The three developing economies mentioned here are based on the predictions of Goldman Sachs that they will dominate the world economy within the next fifty years.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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