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The Economic Slump Facing America - Essay Example

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The writer of this short essay will address the issue of potential economic problems in America related to the moral values of new generations. The writer stresses the importance of quality education among youth as a vital part of avoiding the financial crisis…
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The Economic Slump Facing America
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Extract of sample "The Economic Slump Facing America"

During this economic slump happening across the continent and extending throughout the globe, it is not only the adult population that is affected financially, emotionally and morally. On the first few weeks of being seated in the highest position of the state, the economic status of the country is highly prioritized especially when the country is plunging into what seems to be an economic depression. In planning for the economy, it is not only the adult fraction of the American population that would benefit when solutions for this financial crisis are administered. Solving or at least alleviating this problem would also benefit the fraction of the population who would constitute the next generation of America and these are the children.
In upholding the welfare of American children, it is not only the economic side that should be improved for their future. Their moral and social welfare are far more important than their financial welfare. In addition to these is their ability to survive and adapt in various kinds of conditions.
To resolve a problem that involves children, the root of the problem should be traced first. This economic slump that America is facing and affects the lives of all of its citizens down to the youngest American can be traced to its moral values. Stripping off all hypocrisy and admitting that degradation of values is one of the causes of this financial predicament would make citizens realize that excessive spending, unrestrained buying, and discontent on what one already has caused America to fall into this self-made pit.
To help American children would call for changes not in their surroundings but on the children. Education is important but textbooks and curriculums are not the only factors that should be taught and improved in schools and at home. Teaching children to be frugal and to maximize things that can be found at home instead of constantly buying new items would be a great start and the best way to improve the lives of American children.
Furthermore, improving lives of American children through education would also need lessons on survival through improvisation and activities that would develop their adaptability in different kinds of conditions. This way, the children would be emotionally prepared and would be capable to find and invent ways if sudden changes would occur as results of the changing status of the state.
As the head of the state, there is nothing wrong in improving the financial and social environment of the nation for the present population and the next American generation that would take the place of the current citizens. However, improvement on the external factors would not hold up until the next chain of American generations since there are risks and the reality that these sources would be depleted. The most important way to help children is to cultivate and develop the internal factors of the young citizens and some of these factors are their adaptability, sense of wise spending, and contentment of what they posses.
The state may not have enough money for its entire citizenry and may not put up and acquire every tangible asset and property to last for the succeeding generations but the head of the state and every head of the American home can provide, nourish, and equip children with abilities and values that can help them survive as the next citizens of America and hopefully persevere in building a country that is not entirely dependent on its economy or power but on its values as thriving and caring human beings. Read More
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(The Economic Slump Facing America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
The Economic Slump Facing America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“The Economic Slump Facing America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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