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Comparison of Perfect Competition and Monopoly - Essay Example

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This essay talks about advantages and disadvantages of perfect competition and monopoly, as market structures for the whole economy and for customers and producers, as well. Market structure is considered as one of the central themes of economics. …
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Comparison of Perfect Competition and Monopoly
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Extract of sample "Comparison of Perfect Competition and Monopoly"

Download file to see previous pages This essay describes two of the market structures, such as perfect competition and monopoly by comparing and contrasting the various defining characteristics of both structures. Economics classify markets, according to the industry within which the firms work and how they affect the overall economy of the country. However, on the other hand, industry is the combination of various economic variables, which determine the overall nature, characteristics as well as extent of the competition within that particular industry.
There are different market structures which define the various and unique characteristics of the different market structures present in the economy. Monopoly and perfect competition are two of the most important market structures which are present in the economy offering different advantages and disadvantages to the consumers.
Perfect competition is a market structure in which there are large numbers of fully informed buyers and sellers of a homogenous product with no obstacles to entry or exit of firm in the long run. Monopoly is often characterized by the market power where monopoly as the ability to influence the market specially in terms of the total quantity produced and sold in the market.
It is believed that perfect competition is something where resources are efficiently utilized and efficiency is achieved as perfect market tends to maximize the total utility of the consumers. Monopoly firm has the ability to charge higher prices which ultimately reduce the consumer surplus for the firm.
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1. The size of the firm relative to the market is small. Hence, it has no influence on price. The firm is a price taker. 2. The product is homogeneous meaning to the consumer the product of one seller is same as the product of other seller. 3. There is freedom of entry and exit for each firm. 4. There is free mobility of resources. 5. All the participants in the market have perfect knowledge, meaning that everyone is aware of his benefit, consumer knows prices, and producer knows cost and so on. If even one condition is not fulfilled, the market will not be perfect anymore, it will be imperfect. An extreme case of such imperfection is monopoly. Monopoly is that market in which there is only one seller (or a group of sellers acts...
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Perfect competition and monopoly power

There is natural tendency of the high technology company to acquire this form to shun competition.
3. In perfect competition products available in the market are of homogeneous character manufactured by firms and that do not provide customers the buying preference. Buyers are free to buy from the market and firms are also free to enter or exit without restrictions
In contrast to this in monopoly there is only one seller and plenty of buyers. The entry barriers exist that don't allow easy entry in the market for many reasons such as high technology products or legally protected products etc. Monopolists set market price of the product and services irrespective of the buyers' reaction. The buyers don't have power to influe...
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...TYPES OF MARKET STRUCTURES Introduction The industry is made up of all firms that make identical or similar products that are homogenous. The market structure of the industry depends on the number of firms as well as how they compete. There are four fundamental market structures namely (Kurtz & Boone, 2011): Perfect competition is a market structure that occurs when there are numerous firms that compete against each other. Firms in this market structure manufacture the socially optimal level of output at the minimum possible per unit cost. Monopoly is a market structure that has no competition because there is only one firm in the industry. Such market structure reduces output in order to drive up prices and hence increase profits...
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...Types of Markets Affiliation Introduction Any industry comprises of all the organizations that make identical or similar products. The industry in the market is dependent on the number of organizations and the manner in which they compete. The common types of market structures include perfect competition, oligopoly, monopoly and monopolistic competition. Firstly, a perfect competition situation comprises of a large number of small firms that compete with each other and produce at minimal costs for every unit. Secondly, a monopoly does not have rivals in the industry. It minimizes output to allow it raise its prices and profit. Thirdly, an oligopoly comprises of few firms. When these firms merge, they reduce output to allow them raise...
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Although there are many similarities, yet there are some differences both in content and in approach. Whereas the US believes in a more liberal outlook, giving greater emphasis to Human Rights, India lags behind due to its colonial and cultural legacies. The redeeming feature is that lead by its own global status as a growing economic power, it is trying to shed...
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Comparing this pharmacy with the Campbell pharmacy, the Chandler pharmacy is located in a much busier area, hence there are more shops and more people in the vicinity. There are more medically related establishments in the Chandler pharmacy than in the Campbell pharmacy, hence there are more patients buying their medicines in the Chandler pharmacy. Both pharmacies have similar conveniences for their customers. They are located near a bus stop and taxi ranks, and a car park is available within the vicinity of both pharmacies.

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