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NAFTA - Essay Example

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This paper concerns NAFTA one of the largest economic blocs in the world. It involves Canada, Mexico and the USA.Neighboring countries long at political peace, Canada and the United States have been separated by economic barriers for nearly as long…
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Extract of sample "NAFTA"

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Basic economics predicts that the reduction of tariffs and other controls on imported goods will probably lower domestic production and employment in these sectors. There should also be a corresponding increase in activities oriented towards exports (MacArthur 33). In principle, one can investigate the net effect of liberalization on output and employment. Currently, this question has important ramifications in both Canada and Mexico, even though the contexts are quite different--Canada has lowered some barriers as part of the Free Trade Agreement signed with the United States, while Mexico's adhesion to the GATT required a unilateral tariff reduction, much larger than that of Canada. In both these countries, the tariff reduction has been accompanied by a recession, which has been sharper in Mexico. Neither case is an ideal test of liberalization. Canada has been lowering tariffs for some time, while Mexico's recession had begun before the GAIT accord, as a result of the debt crisis. With regard to Canada, the tendency is that more of the coefficients on the liberalization dummy variables in the labor demand equation are large and statistically significant. This is the case for the following sectors; food, leather, textiles, wood, printing, transport equipment, and electrical equipment. This finding is robust to changes in the specification of the equation. Thus, even given the level of production, there still was a strong tendency for labor use to fall. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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NAFTA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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NAFTA Opposing View

... positive aspects of NAFTA especially in regards to job creation. Losing 766,000 jobs from the manufacturing sector compared to creating millions of new jobs in the service sector, is a comparison the report failed to make. Jobs in the service sector normally pay a higher average salary, thereby affording individuals an improved lifestyle. Many of the individuals that complain about those lost jobs in the manufacturing sector are people who have not seized the opportunity to educate (or re-educate) oneself in the more lucrative industries which America's society seems to be moving towards. The report also states that NAFTA has not helped anyone but the companies, and the investors in those companies that use NAFTA to import...
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The Impact of NAFTA on Mexico

... labor as compared to the uneconomical labor market in America (Sayre & Morris, 2004). Additionally, American operations managers and executives of companies working in Mexico have the advantage of a higher standard of living in Mexico since the cost of living is lower (World Bank Group, 2001). After more than a decade of free trade with America, the Mexican economy like the Canadian economy has become very closely linked to the American economic system. Even before the establishment of NAFTA the economies of these three countries were linked on several points and the trade partnership between America and Canada has been noted by many economists such as Kacowicz (1999). NAFTA therefore becomes essential for Mexico’s continual growth...
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NAFTA - Managerial Economics

...that the treatys anti-pollution provisions were inadequate. To ease concerns that Mexicos low wage structure would cause U.S. companies to shift production to that country, and to ensure that Mexicos increasing industrialization under the Treaty would not create environmental pollution to a harmful degree, special side agreements were included in NAFTA. Under those agreements, the tri-national grouping agreed to establish appropriate commissions to handle labor and environmental issues. The commissions had the power to impose steep fines against any of the member governments that failed to consistently impose its laws. There have been criticisms regarding NAFTAs implementation of environmental...
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NAFTA Case Study

...NAFTA AND MAGMA The passage of North American Free Trade Agreement let many companies in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, to review and revise their business models. There were many new incentives and many new things to consider. Some companies were forced by their competitors to completely restructure their businesses and change their long-term forecasts. One of these companies was Magma, the Canadian auto parts manufacturer. Magma had unfortunately undergone a massive restructuring just prior to NAFTA. On the plus side this meant the company was profitable again; on the negative side it meant that there was not a lot of will within the company for another big shift. Nevertheless, this was required if Magma was to survive in the new business...
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I need to analyze the impact that two trade blocs have on globalization. To analyze the NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) trade bloc as well as CEFTA (Central European Free Trade Agreement)

...Purpose behind the formation of either trade bloc had been promotion of economic growth over the respective regions. Consolidation of nations to form an entity actually facilitates in gaining market and bargaining powers among the international community. These were indeed, the fundamental objectives which played in the minds of the founders while shaping their ideas Consolidation of the NAFTA has resulted to an agricultural boom over the region, which has added to the aggregate agricultural supplies of the world. Moreover, Canada had almost been unnoticed prior to its incorporation, but the world soon realized the nation’s immense investment potentials once that its presence was felt. Member nations of CEFTA too are primarily...
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International Trade and NAFTA

...and investment easier and more accessible between United States, Canada and Mexico. Under NAFTA, all duties and trade restriction barriers were removed between United States, Canada and Mexico. NAFTA is well-known for encouraging free trade. United states trade representatives argues that “NAFTA is the worlds largest free trade area, which now links 450 million people producing $17 trillion worth of goods and services.” Why is international Trade important? International trade is important for meeting the needs of the countries which they themselves cannot meet up while being in their own homeland. Not many countries can produce all that they want. So in order to meet their...
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NAFTA and Mexican Trucking

... the alleged poor adherence to safety standards of the Mexican truck drivers. These objectives are actually not fair, since, after a reported pilot study that allowed an initial 100 Mexican trucks to cross the U.S. borders within the stipulated safety standards, the results actually indicated that the Mexican drivers exhibited greater and higher conformity to safety regulations and standards, as compared to the counterparts in the U.S. 3. Does it make economic sense for the United States to bear the costs of punitive tariffs as allowed for under NAFTA, as opposed to letting Mexican trucks enter the United States? In evaluating the scenario, it could actually be more beneficial for the U.S. to bear the costs of tariffs rather than completely...
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Retaliatory tariffs Mexico placed under NAFTA

...). Major impact has been on agricultural trading relation between USA and Mexico. According to trade statistics Mexico exports 80% of its agricultural exports to USA, and since the implementation of NAFTA, agricultural exports between USA and Mexico have increased by 9% every year, thus asserting that NAFTA has benefited both the nations (Agricultural trade, n.d.). The retaliatory tariffs that Mexico implemented on various imported goods from USA continued from March 2009 to October 2011. These tariffs were imposed when USA failed to meet the trucking provisions of NAFTA. Mexico initiated these tariffs keeping within the structure of dispute resolution process of NAFTA....
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Nafta - hinderance or catalyst

...decentralized capitalism (Sieppert & Rowe 22). Consequently, this paper proposes that NAFTA has been a hindrance to Canada and should be replaced by a more equitable agreement for all the three states, or an international agreement that will enhance the general well-being and health of Canadian citizens regardless of geopolitical pressures in the region. Annotated Bibliography Sieppert, Jackie & Rowe, William. “In the Wake of NAFTA: Economic and Social Outcomes of Free Trade.” Social Perspectives 9.2 (2007): 6-30. This article provides an international analysis of NAFTA’s diverse effects in all the three member countries; the writers propose that the agreement has altered not only the...
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NAFTA (SLP) Module5

... for opposing NAFTA include the loss of jobs that has affected the USA. It is estimated that since 1995, NAFTA is responsible for the loss of some 765,000 jobs. This loss of jobs has also created a ripple effect on the economic wellbeing of the laid off workers. After the loss of jobs, finding new jobs has a 23% less pay within the same industries they used to work. Additionally, investment on manufacturing industries has increased Mexican problem in that, around the maquiladora zones along the Mexico-US border, pollution and poor disposal of waste has threaten to cause adverse environmental issues (Global Exchange, 2011). In the USA, NAFTA has been viewed as a free trade agreement that has caused multiple employment and investment issues...
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The Role of International Companies: NAFTA vs EU

...a Political Union by working towards having common laws for its member states. The result is there for all to see. Per capita incomes and GDP are rising in all member states, more jobs are being created every year and the entire Union is in a better bargaining position with other countries and regions benefitting its consumers. The relative stability that has resulted from all these moves also makes the EU a secure destination for investments. But does it make it a preferred destination over say the NAFTA? NAFTA The EEC and its Common Market became a model for formation of other FTA’s around the globe. With an FTA between US and Mexico, called NAFTA, their industries, workers and consumers all stand to gain similarly as in the EU. The...
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NAFTA - United States, Canada, and Mexico Trading Together

.... Ratification of the legislature by the three countries took place in 1993. By campaigning on a common market, President Ronald Reagan actually began formation of NAFTA, which lead to the passing of the Trade and Tariff Act in 1984. The act gave the president authority to negotiate free trade, but only allowing Congress the ability to approve or disapprove. Congress was not allowed to change any negotiating factors. Canada and the United States began negotiations for the Canada and US free trade agreement, which was put into effect in 1989. This treat is now suspended due to onset of NAFTA. Mexican President Salinas and President Bush began negotiations for a trade agreement between Mexico and the...
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Impact of NAFTA agreement on the US Economy

... takes into account the opportunity cost while producing a particular good in that country (Suranovic, 2011). This fundamental reality drives the trade globally and the NAFTA agreement is to be seen in this light. US Trade Balance with NAFTA Partners and the World in the year 1989 and 2009 (In billions of current USD) Source: O’Leary et al, 2012, p13. It is important to note here that there is no appreciable change in balance of trade in agriculture commodity with Mexico and Canada; there is no significant impact on the US labor force involved in agriculture. In all merchandise trade with Mexico and Canada in 2009, imports have increased by almost 45 billion and 11 billion USD respectively but so is the case with world trade...
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