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Gazprom - One of the Largest Gas Producing Companies of Russia - Essay Example

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This essay "Gazprom - One of the Largest Gas Producing Companies of Russia" focuses on Gazprom which is one of the largest gas producing companies in Russia and is jointly owned by the state and the other institutions. Datamonitor (2007) mention that the company operates primarily through its subsidiaries. …
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Gazprom - One of the Largest Gas Producing Companies of Russia
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Extract of sample "Gazprom - One of the Largest Gas Producing Companies of Russia"

Download file to see previous pages UGSS assures steady gas supply from the wellhead to the end user. (, 2008c)
d. Processing: Gazprom Group’s processing segment is made up of gas and gas condensate processing plants (GPP), the enterprises of Sibur Holding, and the oil-refining capacities of Gazprom Oil (Sibneft). (, 2008d)
e. Power industry: Its strategic task is to become a world scale energy production company with one whole chain – from production to sales – not only gas but also liquid hydrocarbons as well as producing a wide range of end products, electrical power being just one of such. (, 2008e)
The global strategy of Gazprom is to become the largest in the world for producing and distributing gas to the entire world so that appropriate amount of utilization of the natural resources can be done. Datamonitor (2007) states that 2006 was the first year after Gazprom’s share market liberalization. During this period, OAO "Gazprom" capitalization increased by over 70 % and amounted to $270 billion at the end of the year.
Gazprom has been developing a unique resource base, production capacities and pipeline system. This effort take taken the company as the world’s most reliable energy resource suppliers to enterprises, organizations, and individuals. They are devoted to a specialized and accountable advance towards the development of these resources and the supply of the markets both in Russia and globally.
Gazprom is engaged in research and development activities to strategize important energy resources in cooperation with the most successful and responsible international energy companies. This makes them quite strong in their operations base and marks the strength of their strategy for further growth.
Gazprom is constantly pursuing its business globalization strategy, and actively increasing the supply to the entire globe for its gas production. In 2006, the company supplied liquefied natural gas to the UK, Japan and Korea for the first time.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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