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Socialization theories - Essay Example

According to Hughes and Vander Zanden (2000), 'Social learning theory emphasizes conditioning and observational learning. Cognitive developmental theory argues that socialization proceeds differently in the sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operations stages. Symbolic interactionists say reflexive behavior facilitates the development of the self.' (ch. 3)
Thus, to decide which of the three approaches is the most convincing, let’s look at each of them separately. Starting with the social learning theory, it is interesting to say, that for me personally it seems to be the most convincing, and I will later explain, why. From the objective viewpoint, the social learning theory describes the learning process of people in the social context, which means that people learn through imitation to other people in their surrounding, modeling their behaviors and observing their solutions and reactions. This theory may also be called the closest to the reality, as the facts of imitation and our own learning through imitating other people we witness every minute. People learn other people's behaviors and, which is even the most important, - the outcomes of these behaviors. The wise principle applied to daily life says, it is better to learn on the mistakes of others.

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The paper will be designed as an attempt to answer the question: which of the socialization theories seems to be the most convincing and why? In fact, it is very difficult to say, which of the theories is the most convincing, as all three of them to be represented in this work have their peculiarities and represent the same notions from the different points of view…
Socialization theories
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