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Financial Markets - Understanding Stock Option Information - Essay Example

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Charts and Graphs are the technician’s tools. They interpolate data and decide using graph trends, volume count, and 50 and 200 day moving average charts. To understand patterns one must observe carefully the breadth and movement of the market. …
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Financial Markets - Understanding Stock Option Information
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Extract of sample "Financial Markets - Understanding Stock Option Information"

Download file to see previous pages “Technical analysis is the study of specific securities and the overall market based on supply/demand relationships.” (Page 1, International encyclopedia of Technical Analysis, Joel G Siegle, Jae K Shim, Anique Quereshi, Jeffrey Brauchler.) Charts and Graphs are the technician’s tools. They interpolate data and decide using graph trends, volume count, and 50 and 200 day moving average charts. To understand patterns one must observe carefully the breadth and movement of the market. Understand how accumulation or distribution (Accumulation, the buying of stock, distribution is the sale of stock.), forecast the future expectation of stocks or options. (Ascending and Descending tops P. 15 International Encyclopedia of Technical Analysis Page 15 and 16,), these illustrations show ascending and descending price top transitions, from time period- to- time period, that trail stock directions. Volatility charts show extremes —specifically, option volatility charts show relationships between puts, calls, strike prices, and expiration dates. Assumption associations are derived from historical patterns, price patterns, and supply and demand relationship. Historical relationships signal the likeness of direction, whereas, price patterns point to quantity of decrease and increase. “Market factors (Interest rate changes, economic conditions, political factors, announced pending acquisitions.), are already incorporated into current market price per share. If demand exceeds supply, the stock price will increase, and vice versa.” ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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A significant step to enhancing the employees’ right to information and consultation is the establishment of the European Works Council (EWC). The EWC Directive (94/45/EC) aims to improve cooperation in transnational companies and to allow trade unions to influence, at least indirectly, the decision-making of corporations (Lockwood and Williams). It requires community-scale undertakings and community-scale groups of undertaking to create this mechanism for regular consultation of the workforce. A ‘community-scale undertaking’ is one with at least 1,000 employees within the Member States and at least 150 employees in each of at least two Member States (Lewis and Sargeant).

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Like death, it is impossible to keep away from regulation in about every aspect of daily life. The business regulation may be classified into two- economic and social (Litan). The economic regulation deals with price controls and the entry limits of the firms into markets. The second type regulation mostly deals with externalities (the outside influences of the company or firm which may or may not be decided by them)

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