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Generic Drug - Essay Example

They usually cost a small proportion of the total cost of its brand name drugs to as far as 80% to 85% in respect to the policy. For instance, Glucotrol being a drug used by doctors in the treatment of diabetes, represent a monthly cost of between 42 and 84 dollars per 10mg tablets. On the other hand, the generic version of the drug, Glipizide costing ten times less at between $4 and $8 every month. These therefore indicate that Glucotrol is ten times expensive (Palmeter and Mavroidis 120). Both generic and brand- name drugs fall under the same governance thus calling for adherence of the set standards to ensure that uniformity in quality is put into focus. In a situation where the brand-name drugs are off patent, the market will otherwise open up to generic versions. The role of patents is to protect the intellectual rights of a drug for up to a period not exceeding 20 years. The patent’s effectiveness from the clinical trial stage, the drug may take fewer years to be in the market. After the expiry of the patent pharmaceutical companies take an advantage and increase the prices of its generic drugs thus bringing about competition which otherwise emerged from its competitors from the lesser expensive generic counterparts (Rodriguez 142). Basing on the industry analysis, drugs coming off patents in 2014 will cause a loss of $136 billion. Generics help government spend less in healthcare. Generic market is faced with two opposing trends driving force being global downturn. The demand for

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Production, Costs and Profits
Firstly, the manager should consider the costs of additional capital as compared to cost of employing new workers. Moreover, he should also consider whether adding new workers will help increase the output or it will result in falling output. In the short run, the capital is fixed and as more workers are added to the fixed capital, initially with each additional worker the marginal revenue product of the labor will increase as the restaurant will experience increasing returns to scale.
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News article analyze
_r=0 The article presented relevant information pertaining to the exorbitant costs of drugs in the United States, particularly medications for asthma. It was disclosed that asthma is considered one of the most prevalently common chronic illnesses that could apparently be controlled effectively through drugs.
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U.S. governments generic drugs policy
This proposal seeks to study the impact of price control on generics medicines on the pharmaceutical companies of the U.S. and how they should face the challenges to survive the impact. This proposal sets the outline for studying the impact of the U.S.
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Drug Errors in Nursing
This makes it important for the nursing profession to have an understanding of the factors that contribute to medication administration errors and impinge on the safety of the patient (Carlton & Blegen, 2006). In the United Kingdom errors in the administration of medication is on the rise and is a growing concern for all the stake holders in the health care delivery system.
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Kantian Ethics
Kant is known for his theory that there is a single moral obligation, which is called the categorical imperative that is derived from the concept of duty. He believed that the moral law is a principle of reason itself and is not based on contingent facts about the world such as what would make us happy, but to act upon the moral law, which has not other motive than “worthiness of being happy.” Utilitarianism is the ethical doctrine that the moral worth of an action is solely determined by its contribution to overall utility.
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Problem Formulation and Identification Paper
Watson’s first problem is how they enter the drug manufacturing market with a meager sum of money. Initially Chao had espoused a long-term goal of emulating its huge competitors, such as Searle, which developed and marketed its own drugs. Upon knowing that this plan is
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Drug and Diseases
A corporation needs to successfully justify to the FDA of the drug’s bioequivalence before further reviewing. Justification is needed as not all proposals submitted are bioequivalent to the corresponding non-generic drug. This
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These worries have been soothed by the need for physician groups to control health care costs, as reimbursement decreases and expenses increase (British medical association,
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violative of EU obligations under international law, and to covenants to which the EU has committed itself and signed, to wit: the GATTs Article V, relating to goods transit freedom passing through GATT signatory countries territories, via global transit routes of the greatest
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Porter's generic strategies
costs, and this has made the U.S airways apply Michael Porters generic strategies to compete against their competitors such as Southwest, Delta Airlines, and Jet Blue just to name a few (Eldring, 2009). The three strategies namely; cost leadership, differentiation, and focus
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generic drugs is gradually increasing with it cost-effective and adoption has increased consumption in the market where branded prescribing was dominant. The challenge on the other hand, the reduced prices of generic drugs has led overspending to the government. The government is forces to reduce the prices of generic drugs though the cost of producing it too high. Value of products at risk to generic competition 2010 to 2014 To make a sound estimate of the market potential of a product takes more than simply reading its sales figures. Marketing strategists like to use price elasticity to measure the sensitivity of demand to change in price. Price elasticity is obtained by constructing a demand curve to illustrate the relationship between prices and quantity sold (or revenue). Demand curves are typically downward sloping; demand would go up if prices were lowered and vice versa in a pure competition market (Palmeter and Mavroidis 109). Demand curve may be elastic or inelastic. Demand is elastic when the slope of the demand curve is negative, while the demand is inelastic when the slope is positive. Inelasticity usually occurs when the seller has little competition in the market or the product is prestigious. There are expiration dates for the new drug patents. Generic companies always want to be the first to file for product approval after patent expiry because there is a government incentive that gives the first filer a marking exclusivity for six months when the price is usually higher. In the next five years, market exclusivity of brand-name drugs worth more than $100 billion will be expired. Hence, there will be great opportunity opened to generic drug industry. Furthermore, the development of advanced manufacturing in developing countries has created new opportunities for


Name Professor Course Date The growth of generic drug market of USA is expected to rise gradually annually at the rate of 17% for a period of five years. The total expected market is estimated at $169 billion in the year 2014 as revealed by BCC report. Generic drug industry entails exploration of markets and selling of medication containing similar active ingredients and dosages as brand name drugs that is manufactured under the umbrella of pharmaceutical industry…
Generic Drug
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