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Externalities - Research Paper Example

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EXTERNALITIES Name Institution Date EXTERNALITIES Introduction Externality refers to the situation in which the action of one economic agent directly affects another agent either positively or negatively but the first agent neither bears the cost nor receives the benefits…
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Extract of sample "Externalities"

Download file to see previous pages They can also be referred to as the spill-over effects in the economy. Negative externalities results social costs to the society exceeding the private costs while positive externalities results in social benefits exceeding the private benefits. A case of negative externality can be illustrated by the graph shown below. Externalities and their solutions Air pollution is one of the major forms of negative externality. It arises from the burning of fossil fuels. Smoke from motor vehicles results to negative effects on the health of the road users leading to cancerous infections. The owners of the motor vehicles do not bear the cost of medical treatment to those affected. Smoke from cigarettes imposes a cost on the non-smokers who have to bear the cost of treating diseases due to smoke. This form of externality can be mitigated through the imposition of taxes commonly known as Pigovian tax which is usually set at a figure close to the cost of that externality. However this has a challenge in determining the actual amount of tax to be imposed (Papandreou, 1998). The tax is also applied in anon progressive manner which makes it less equitable. Some firms are forced to pay more than what they are supposed to pay in actual terms. Finally it may not be social optimal by the fact that some firms may layoff their employees so as to meet the cost of taxation. Due to these weaknesses of taxation, it is not emphasized by the government but instead a lot of emphasis is made on regulation. The government regulates the amount of production and consumption leading to externalities. This can be in form of quantity regulation in which the government can force the firms to produce the socially efficient quantity instead of taxing it forcing the firm to internalize the cost of the externality. Carbon emissions are another form of negative externality. Carbon emission from firms pollutes the surrounding environment resulting to an increase in social costs accruing to the third parties and it also forms part of greenhouses gases that promote global warming. Negative changes in the environment due to climatic condition variations can be attributed to carbon dioxide emissions. Coase Theorem provides a means by which this externality can be controlled; it lays emphasis on the need to have externalities internalized by the firms that produce them if the form of tradable emission permits. The theorem however has some limitations such as the free rider problem in which some agents can enjoy the benefits of a free environment without contributing towards it. It tends to work best in situations where externalities are not global but are in existence in a smaller context. Use of carbon trading provides a means of is to create a means putting a price on carbon emission. Thus it assists in internalizing environmental costs of firm and results in lower emissions. The government may also levy fees on each unit of pollutants that is being emitted into the surrounding environment. Setting emission standards provides a means of limiting the amount of pollutants emerging from a firm. Another form of negative externality is water pollution which results in the death of aquatic life as well as having some negative effects on the environment. Industrial effluents emitted by firms into major water bodies causes disease outbreaks. Acidic rain which is caused by water pollution brings about deforestation thus causing serious environmental degradation. Household water ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Externalities Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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...? Externalities The activities of firms may cause spillover effects, called externalities. These externalities can be beneficial for the society, positive externality, or have an adverse effect on it, negative externality. This paper cites opinions of experts who propose various solutions to the emission of gases, a negative externality. The paper further examines the viability of each of the proposed solutions by identifying the various costs and benefits involved. The paper concludes by discussing which policy needs to be implemented. Externalities Before considering the five questions we must first recognize that the example of gas emission by a local power plant is that of a negative externality. This is because emissions of such gases...
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...the phenomenon as to whether a regulation in externalities would give rise to either positive or negative consequences. On the basis of the consequences, implications will be generated regarding whether Profit Ltd should embrace upon changes due to consideration of externalities or it should attempt to resist the change with the help of lobby groups. The objective of this research paper is to incorporate comprehensive understanding of the concept of externalities and various issues in relation to regulations towards externalities. 2. ExternalitiesExternalities occur when the producers or consumers of goods and services unintentionally...
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...The Externalities of Education 7th, August, The Externalities of Education This paper identifies three positive externalities of public education as higher income, social cultural diversity, and better work force (Kling, 2008). Quality education supplement better work force with a high income. A helpful externality of public education is high income to a well educated individual who is competent in his area of professionalism. With high income, there are few people on the government assistance and many people paying taxes. In turn, the money goes on to pay other employees working. Higher income boosts the economy that in turn creates job opportunities and encourages many people to spend on investment. This creates a platform for businesses...
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...The Externalities of Education Externality refers to the loss and benefit of consuming goods and services affects the people who are actually not actually consuming the same. Therefore, externalities can be positive or negative. Education is one of the most important services in the service industry. There are two types of education service providers in the society. One is public institutions run by government and other is private institutions. Both public and private education has positive or negative externalities. Three major positive externalities of public education are educated workforce, socio cultural diversity and higher income level. Educational organizations pose a highly educated workforce and it lies in both public...
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Explain how the existence of externalities (whether from congestion or pollution) cause a less than optimal allocation of resources in road transport

..., p.10). The resource allocation changes through externalities since the market fails to completely fund the external belongings caused by economic actions. Markets prices tend to reflect a price based on the original personal utility, while disregard the payback on the third parties. Therefore, personal costs may deviate from social costs as the pricing means fall short to replicate the social economic actions. When the demand for road uses rises above a given level, additional costs (externalities) such as congestion, pollution may result in increased costs such as increased fuel consumption, increased journey times and other running costs as shown below. Additionally pricing arrangement results in a sub-Pareto, most select allocation...
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Resolving Matters of Externalities in Systematic Bargaining

..., 1999). It is therefore important that strategic tools are put in place and surrounding factors captured in settling the affecting individuals. Aims of the study The objective of this study would involve determining various forms of externalities that a firm presents to the society. It would also help in establishing whether there are diverse resolutions legal mechanisms to the affected individuals through systematic bargaining approach. Research questions i. What are the different types of externalities? ii. What are the cost and benefits of negative and positive externalities to the community and the firm? iii. Are there legal frameworks that would help the affected individuals to be settled in the event of externalities? Significance...
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...the externalities resulting from the consumption of oil. First of all the government can compel the huge consumers of oil to try and use green energy that is less harmful to the environment. Moreover, they should place a fee on the large consumers of oil who pollute the environment in order to aid the third parties affected (Climate change, 2014, p.18). References Cashin, P 2012, The differential effects of oil demand and supply shocks on the global economy. Washington, D.C.: International Monetary Fund. Climate change 2014 mitigation of climate change 2014, IPCC, Geneva, Switzerland. Hanson, J 1974, A dictionary of economics and commerce ([4th ed.), Macdonald and Evans, London. Hidden costs of energy unpriced...
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Cost-Shifting, Externalities and Their Impacts

...structuralist theories urbanized throughout the 1950s-1960s. (GREGORY, John Milton, 2008) However, the majority of the current researches on price increases and stabilization have reallocated their concentration away from conventional direct economic causes of price increases such as funds creation, in the direction of political along with institutional determinants of inflationary forces. It is necessary for developing economies to focus on the methods like cost-shifting and externalities in array to maintain the pace of GDP growth rate in the times of global recession. (GREGORY, John Milton, 2008) This paper hereby highlights the significance and effects of cost-shifting and externalities in the economies of the developing...
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