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Answer the question and calculate - Assignment Example

B. i. Therefore, ii. C. If the Canada has low inflation, the value of its currency rises against other currency whose inflation is high, such as Mexico in this case. Therefore, the Canadian Dollar will be stronger than the Mexican peso; meaning, a lot more Mexican peso would be required to buy one Canadian dollar. Question-2: Suppose money demand function is, A) If output (Y) grows at 3% rate, at what rate will the demand for real balances grow; assumption, nominal rates remain constant As the rate of the output Y increase at 3%, the demand for real balances, , will grow at a rate of 2% when the nominal rates remain constant B) The velocity of money in this particular economy will be 5, V=5, because Question-3: A) The type of fiscal policy that IMF needs to propose in situation where it is concerned about currency depreciation, and wants a government’s small open economy to realize currency appreciation, is proposing a flexible fiscal policy with fiscal expansion at home. This can be achieved by raising real interest rates so that domestic currency can appreciate. Given that the nominal price is sluggish, it will translate to appreciation in the rate of domestic real exchange; international competitiveness is also lost. The balance of trade also deteriorates; this limits the expansionary effects of advanced spending by the government. Given that this is a small economy, then the resulting reduced exports will offset the fiscal expansion because, capital is also internationally mobile. This

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tingency plan and an effective risk management structure to deal with hazards in future. Inability to prepare and implement timely risk management could incur severe damages from the risk associated with the business. With wide spread markets a company should identify several risks such as Interest rate risk, counterparty risk, foreign currency risk and other market risks to mitigate the damage of business.
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Incoterms.  “Delivered Duty Paid” provides the least risk for the buyer.  This is due to the fact that the seller is responsible for ten of the eleven charges/fees that are normally associated with Incoterms (Incoterms, 2011).  This answer is too subtle since a lay
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ted globe, due in part to the factors exhibited with respect to globalization, exhibit a situation in which firms that offer services to consumers are held to expectations and standards in much the same, if not an identical, way that firms that offer actual products are held to
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Usually, propositional content does not leave any doubt about the claim made. The second type of meaning is the relational content. The relational content serves to indicate the kind of relationship existing between the person originating with the message and the
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implies that the fiscal multiplier will become zero. However, if the rate of exchange rate was fixed, then, the monetary policy adopted by the IMF would have to loosen a bit so that real interest rate does not increase, thus currency appreciation. This will in turn amplify fiscal expansion effects. B) The impact of the IMF proposal on the small open economy’s exchange rate illustrated graphically The graph is based on four micro economic variables S, I, r and r* in response to currency depreciation Figure 1: Impact of the IMF proposal – Flexible exchange rate -, on the small open economy’s exchange rate C) If the small open economy started from a balanced trade position, then, the trade balance will deteriorate as a result of lost international competitiveness. Question-4: Considering an economy described by Where ? the real exchange rate and r is is the real interest rate. A) i) National saving National saving refers to the output amount that is not purchased for current consumption by the government or households. In this case, we are given the government spending, the output, and the function of consumption; this allows as to solve for consumption, and thus national saving. ii) Investment It is true that investment is negatively depends on the interest rate; this equals the international rate r* of 5. Therefore, iii) Trade balance The difference between investments and savings equals Net exports, therefore; iv) Equilibrium real exchange rate
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ASSIGNMENT-2: ECON – 2010 Name Institution ASSIGNMENT-2: ECON – 2010 Question 1: A. The Quantity Theory of Money simply links the inflation rate to the growth rate supply of money starting with the velocity concept, which is the rate at which money circulates; it predicts a 1-to-1 relationship between changes in inflation rate and the changes in the growth rate of money…
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