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Market Structure - Essay Example

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Market Structures Institution Introduction The theory of market structures seeks to identify the characteristics of demand and supply in different markets or economies under various circumstances. Presumably, the various market structures devolve different characteristics to the price elasticity factors in the market and often affect the economic development and planning programs…
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Market Structure
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Extract of sample "Market Structure"

Download file to see previous pages Discussion of the market structures Perfect market competition In perfect market competition, economists recite that there are many firms, price takers, and the number of suppliers tends to be equal to the number of suppliers in the market. The reason of its occurrence is the ideology that informative buyers and sellers deal with homogeneous products (Stackelberg, et al 2011). Monopoly market structure The structure leads to the domination of the market by one producer of a certain product whose utility serves the needs of a broad group of clientele thus; the business entity manipulates the supply and pricing utilities and buyers rest to no obligation other than making purchases at different prices per unit of consumption (Oner, 2013). Monopolistic competition The situation occurs when there are many firms in market competing to market their products but often differ as they produce different types of products. The freedom of entry and exit rests upon the buyers and sellers and they obviously lack information thus they live in an imperfectly competitive market (Heywood, 2006). Duopoly market structure The advent of duopoly in a market occurs in the presence of two firms that are interdependent and obviously collude in their bid to execute their programs. There is a possibility of restrained policies to market entrants. The firms also restrain each other seeking to excel profitable through price leadership. Oligopoly market structure This market structure presents varied characteristics since the present firms often compete against each other despite the fact that they show a higher degree of interdependence. There exists the characteristic of non-price competition and an often possibility of collusion among the firms. There are barriers imposed to the new market entrants (Oner, 2013). The Californian market structure The markets pose different ownership structures with some depicting horizontal while others depict vertical structures. Research ascertains that power production utilities in Californian markets are authorized by the government to produce essentially on cost-based approaches rather than regulatory approaches (Stackelberg, et al 2011). However, the distribution of power through transmission rests regulated by the authorities thus ensuring equated supply to meet the existing demand rather than leaving the mandate to the producers who may aim to deliver to consumers who tend to pose higher marginal consumptions over domestic consumers. Arguably, the Californian market structure in the electricity sector seems to be a monopoly as well as a duopoly in that after production of the power by differentiated utilities restrains the entry of new firms. Further, the situation leads to the stipulation of prices in accordance to the will of the producers however, the system of duopoly shifts to oligopoly as the power producing utilities seek to gain abundant benefits while the authorities restrain them from accessing the consumers. Further, monopolistic competition prevails in the energy sector of California since the firms differ in production of energy from coal, hydropower utilities, and nuclear power production mechanisms (Bushnell, Mansur, and Saravia, 2004). Effects of high entry ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Market Structure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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Market structure

...?Running Head: MARKET STRUCTURE School: Topic: Market Structure Lecturer: presented: Q1: Perfectly Competitive Market There is different market conditions under which firms sell goods and services referred to as market structures. These describe the main aspects of markets such as the products sold, the number of firms, and ease of entry and exit. The different market structures include: perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly. A perfectly competitive market is characterized by various features which in most cases are not found in a real world but are used as benchmarks for other markets. According to Baumol and Blinder (2011 p. 200), such a market must satisfy four conditions. First, the market has many...
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Market structure

... – 45. Another market segment could be a foreign market base, the youth market, and potential additional markets like comedy fans. Basic objectives for marketing the Spangles branded candy would be to increase product awareness by 20% in the first year, revive the popular side within the first 6 months, decrease customer resistance to buying our product, which would lead to a 50-100 percent increase in sales within the first year. To accomplish these goals we will need to introduce a valid marketing strategy. In the case of this candy we will want to use focused insertion, and narrow advertising structures. It will be important to introduce the product as a special historical re-launch. An additional objective should be the raised awareness...
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Market structure

..., customers can be prevented from accessing loans if they do not qualify in terms of their ability to pay. The services that the bank provides are also non-rival because one person’s use of the service does not reduce other persons’ use of the service. It therefore means that Bank of America is not a natural monopoly because it is non excludable. Neither does the institution provide a private good because its services are non-rival. It also does not qualify as a common resource because it is a rival good. It is therefore implies that the services of Bank of America is a Public good which all customer can benefit from in some way. The Bank does not exclude any one from accessing its services. Explain how labor market equilibrium is affected...
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Market Structure

...of the actions of their competitors as choices taken by firms do affect each other (Sloman, 2006). The model follows the same rule as with other market structures when determining the profit-maximizing output which occurs at the intersection of marginal cost and marginal revenue (MC = MR). The elasticity of demand of products determines the profit earning capability of a firm in the short-run, which in turn is dependent upon the number of substitutes that are available in the market, certainly, if a firm’s products are highly distinguishable then it would be able to earn profit in the short-run. In the long-run, supernormal profit earning firms will increase the attractiveness of the...
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...? RUNNING HEAD: Market Structures Market Structures Submitted By: Submitted Describe each market structure discussed in the course (perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly) and discuss two of the market characteristics of each market structure. Perfect Competition: A market is said to be in perfect competition when there are a large number of buyers and sellers perfectly aware of the market prices, and no firm is large enough to have any economic power over the industry (“Dewett, 1983”). The two main characteristics of a perfect market are low barriers to entry and exit, i.e. any new firm can enter the market because of no restrictions such as high setup cost, legal barriers or any other. All the firms...
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Market structure

...of satisfying divergent consumer needs. Barriers to entry are few thus explaining why the competitors are many in number (Makiw, 2008). The oligopolistic market structure is one in which a small number of players operate, and they can control the market. Usually, these players are large enough and account for a substantial market share. They make decisions interdependently and are highly motivated by the need to cooperate. Therefore, players exert a degree of control over market conditions. Furthermore, this model is characterized by many barriers to entry. A monopoly is a market in which only a single producer exists. The person is...
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Market Structure

...The merge between Oracle and PeopleSoft will help the consumers in the long run because both companies are leaders in the industry and their cooperation will result in better products and cheaper prices for the end users. After reading the first article, the impression that Oracle wants to merge with PeopleSoft for any cost raises some hesitation whether the company takes into account the needs of consumers or is willing to extend its operations and gain market share through elimination of one of the major competitors. However, PeopleSoft producers the specialized software programs for managing human resources while Oracle has a different specialization. So why would Oracle need this merge As Ellison has noted, Oracle will continue...
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Market Structure

The firm is in equilibrium if it maximizes profit defined as the difference between revenues and costs (** = R-C). The equilibrium point is where the firm produces the output that maximizes the difference between TR & TC curves as shown below.
In the short term, the firm will either be making excess profits or losses depending on the position of an AC curves i.e. if the AVC curve lays below the price the firm is making an excess profit as shown below.
It is only possible for the firm to be equilibrium. The short-run without necessarily breaking even point. However, in the long run, the firm will either make neither losses nor excess profit i.e. the break-even point will be the equilibrium point for the firm as shown be...
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Market Structure

... of the place or a particular nation as business performance is directly dependent on how the economy behaves in the long run. Notably, on the basis of economic situations and other features, market structure of a place is divided into several forms including perfect competition, monopolistic competition and oligopoly and each one of them has their own characteristics or features. Business units have the need to analyze these particular features to ensure the accomplishment of their business targets (Baumol & Blinder, 2011; Hubbard, 2007). Objective of the Discussion In this proposed discussion, the main aim will be to describe various market structures including perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly along...
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Clothing Retail Market in General

The industry is оverwhelmed with cоmpetitiоn frоm cоmpаnies which hаve invested in hi-tech mаchinery leаding tо greаter efficiency оr hаve plаced their prоductiоn tо fаctоries in cheаp lаbоur cоst cоuntries tо prоduce their prоducts. Hоwever, mоst pаrt оf the cоmpаnies in this sectоr mаke nоt very high prоfits. Tо increаse the mаrket shаre in this аrenа is nоt аn eаsy tаsk, аnd therefоre it needs а greаt deаl оf endeаvоur, knоwledge, аs well аs energy аnd mоney.
Clоthes retаilers fаll intо twо brоаd cаtegоries: firstly, thоse selling оwn-brаnd clоthing аnd, secоndly, thоse selling third-pаrty weаr. Mаjоr retаilers such аs Mаrks & Spencer аnd the Аrcаdiа Grоup аre gооd exаmples оf the first grоup, аs аre chаin оperаtiоns s...
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Structure of Ford Motor Company

It was only in 1927 when GM overtook Ford in sales that Henry Ford felt the need to innovate Model A that was more in tune with the times (Cattlel, 2000).
Today, Ford Motor Company is the biggest family-controlled auto-manufacturer with number three spots in the list of world’s biggest manufacturers and sellers of vehicles. In, 2007, for the first time in 56 years, Ford was relegated to the third spot from second by the Toyota of Japan. Ford manufactures cars, trucks, and SUVs in the brand range of Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Volvo, and Mazda. Ford’s s distinctly home-spun variety economy class Mondeo and Mustangs sold the world over, and Lincoln stands for luxury and elegance. Lincoln Motor Company was the first stra...
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In the year 1996, the coffee giant marked its global presence. Up until 2004, the Chinese government prohibited Starbucks to operate its own stores in China. As a result, the coffee giant enters the Chinese market by joint-venturing with Chinese food and beverage companies and licensing other companies to own and operate its stores--differs from its domestic approach. But the company was able to easily overcome its initial obstacles and marked its presence in China very quickly and successfully with great brand recognition and customer satisfaction. The company also tailors its stores to match the local atmosphere. This is a transnational strategy. “For example, the Starbucks strategy in Shanghai is to attract middle to high...
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Any multinational company is exposed to risks such as change of foreign currency exchange rate, commodity prices, and interest rates because it denominates its transactions in foreign currencies. That’s why there is also some uncertainty in future earnings, liabilities and assets values.
Therefore, before taking a decision on the country of entry, a profound analysis of its current political and economical situation is to be performed. According to Kotler and Armstrong (351-361), a decision on whether to enter a foreign market should be based on a profound analysis of potential risks and opportunities, as well as the company’s internal resources.
The company is a Limited Liability that exports roasted and gro...
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Market failure is defined as the inefficient allocation of resources by the market, the free market is considered to optimally prices and resources in the production of goods and services, and this is because the price and quantity produced are determined by market forces which include the demand and the supply. The control of prices by a firm or an organization in the market results in market failure, therefore OPEC leads to market failure due to its nature in the market.

OPEC was formed in 1960 by 5 oil-producing countries which include Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran and Iraq, The aim of this organization was to unify petroleum-producing countries in order to realize fair and stable prices of oil .other oil-pro...
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There are some types of fortified wines which carry a rich legacy and ethos of the Australian culture and society. This rich history and distinct flavour can be utilised to penetrate growing markets like China and build a strong brand presence there when the market is relatively immature. Moreover, tweaking of marketing, distribution and pricing strategies would offer greater sales potential for the fortified wine industry itself in Australia.

Among the variety of wines that are available, the Australian wine industry offers an attractive bevvy of the following variants of red wine, white wine, vintage wine, sparkling wine, dessert wine and fortified wines.

The fortified wines are also termed as “liquid...
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The Effects of Financial Crisis on Supplier Selection Criteria of the Oil and Gas Industry Equipment Market

It is a difficult task to find those vendors who not only have the adequate quality and quantity of the needed raw materials but who also have an attitude of efficiency and display commitment to customer service (Sonmat, 2006). Further, organizations also strive to locate and select vendors who can be depended upon for long term relationship.

The number of factors or attributes desired from the vendor is vast, and different organizations and different industries place different importance on the attributes (Sonmat, 2006). Some of the vendor attributes may gain importance owing to the nature of the industry, for example, in the case of consumer perishables suppliers, like fresh vegetables or fruits, the buying firm would...
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...Independent Research Study An investigation into the Structure of the Educational System in Morocco and its Capa for Addressing the Needs and Expectations of the Hospitality Industry in the Country Submitted by : Submitted to : Course : Date : September 29, 2009 Word Count : 3,069 words STATEMENT OF AUTHORSHIP “I confirm that no part of this work, except where clearly quoted and referenced, has been copied from material belonging to any person e.g. from a book, handout, another student. I am aware that it is a breach of GIHE regulations to copy the work of another without clear acknowledgement and that attempting to do so render me liable to disciplinary procedures.” ________________ Table of Contents I. Consultant’s Brief 4...
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Foreign Market Entry and Diversification

...Foreign Market Entry and Diversification Table of Contents Identification and discussion of the trendsin the global beer markets 3 International expansion trends and Modelo’s internal expansion 5 The next foreign market Modelo should enter 6 Challenges from InBev 7 Modelo should diversify 8 References 10 Identification and discussion of the trends in the global beer markets Beer industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Over the last few years the entire alcohol industry enjoyed a satisfactory performance. In 14th century modern beer industry started in Europe. Since the tastes of consumers vary from region to region, the industry was clustered in nature and it was dominated by several local breweries. Earlier transportation...
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What to Consider in Structure-Conduct-Performance Model

..., there is a decrease in the consumer surplus as they are charged more for every unit purchased. The increase in the producer surplus is usually high for mergers but the decrease in the consumer surplus is higher than the increase in the producer surplus. As a result, there is a dead weight loss in the market. In case of efficiency, as mentioned above, this is not the case. The market structure of mergers also means that there are increased barriers to entry. The mergers in order to retain their market share increase the barriers to entry so that it is difficult for new firms to enter. This again affects the overall efficiency of the market and the...
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