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Open and closed systems - Essay Example

The firms produce goods which are sold into the market. The consumers buy the products and they inject some money into the economy. The inward flow is mainly comprised of four major groups that participate in the cycle namely: households, financial institutions, firms and governments. The flow is two way since it can go in either direction. The government makes payments to the households and the households spend this money on the purchasing consumer goods. However, not all households spend their total income since they save any surplus income (Stapelberg & Steyn, 1989). The surpluses flow into financial institutions and these place the savings at the disposal of the credit needy like companies which produce different goods and services. The government also buys the goods and services from the firms. The flow can also take a reverse direction. Closed economy. An open economy system directly interacts with other foreign economies through engaging in different levels of trade with other countries. In this kind of economy, the state engages in activities such as importing or exporting different goods and services to other countries (Stapelberg & Steyn, 1989). The inward flow in this cycle mainly shows the movement of goods and services from the firms to the households. The households buy the goods and services from the firm and they inject income into the economy. ...
This can also include economic activities with other countries. A leakage in the open system occurs when the amount of imports

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Case: Introduction to Open Systems Theory
There are several OD strategies for improving the effectiveness of an organization (Falletta, 2008). The diagnostician views the whole system of an organization. The organization is looked at as system with input, throughputs, and outputs connected by feedback loops.
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Definition and Explanation of Closed and Open Economic Systems
In a closed economic country, all economic activities are conducted within the boundary of the country. Such an economy means the country does not accept imports from other countries and does not export to foreign countries. The main objective of this type of economy is to make everything available for people within the confines of the economy.
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Open Source Versus Closed Source Software
The open source software’s license neither discriminates against a person / group nor any field’s endeavor. The license of the open source software must not be specific to any product and restrict other software, whereas, the license should be technology neutral (Open Source Initiative, n.d).
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MGT506 - Strategic Leadership, Mod 2 SLP
For the purpose of this assignment, the personalities selected are Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was a renowned leader of Muslims in the subcontinent of South Asia. Their comparative analysis in the light of behavior shown by open and closed system illustrates that Martin Luther King shows a closed system organizational behavior whereas Jinnah was an open-system believer who altered his objectives and behavior according to external stimuli.
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Strategic Leadership: Open & Closed Systems
. A critical analysis may indicate that this responsiveness defines basic organizational processes and internal practices. For the purpose of understanding open and closed systems, organizational models of SAS.com and Armed forces are studied.
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Open Source Systems Application in the Navy
Although FS is always available as OSS does not necessarily mean it is always free. This is the reason why we have to refer to F/OSS to accommodate related and interchangeable method of software development. It is a relatively new way to build and deploy large software systems, which are different in various ways from the customary principles, and procedures encouraged in software engineering (Scacchi et.
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Ludwig von Bertalanffy Systems Theory
A general system theory would be a useful tool by providing models that can be used in different fields and thereby protecting from vague analogies which have prevented the progress in these fields. Also, a general system theory helps in defining exact definitions for concepts like general theory of organization, wholeness etc, and thereby putting them into quantitative analysis.
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Systems of administration in criminal justice organizations

The author states that in organizational theory, a closed system is a system which attempts to keep its structure even when they do not fit the surrounding environment. Any firm for that matter is in danger of becoming a closed system when it closes itself to new information. An open system under organizational philosophy is flexible.

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Comparing The Success & Future Of Open & Closed Source Software
Open Source software has been emerging as an increasingly viable option for organizations in the future. Software such as Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Linux have high levels of potential for development into OSS middleware that would
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Open and Closed Source Systems
(Open Source Initiative, n.d). Currently, there are a huge number of categories of the open source software that include but not limited to the Application Software, Operating Systems, Programming
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exceeds the amount of export. This entails that there is an imbalance of payments hence the GDP is negatively impacted (Lipsey & Chrystal, 2007). A leakage can also occur when the income generated from exporting a particular product is less than the production costs incurred in producing that product or service. For instance, if it costs $1 00 to manufacture a fridge, then if that fridge is exported for less than that amount, this entails that income has leaked in the economy. Instead of generating profits from exporting different goods and services to other countries, the country will record loses which can be referred to as leakages. On the other hand, an injection can be referred to as money that is directly pumped into the economy. This can be in form of foreign direct investment in another country. This entails that the investor brings in forex into the economy and it increases the GDP of that economy. For example, if a manufacturing company invests in another country, it brings forex that is injected into the macro economy of the country. This can contribute to the growth of the economy which means that it gains more revenue to sustain its operations. When there are more injections in the economy, problems such as unemployment can be reduced and the workers can also gain more income through better wages. This entails that the consumers can spend more money which significantly injects more money into the cycle. References Lipsey, R. & Chrystal, A. (2007). Economics. 11th Edition. New York: Oxford University Press. Stapelberg, N.H. & Steyn, F.G. (1989). Economics: An introductory study.


The diagram below shows the macro economy as a closed system. Basically, a closed system represents an economy that is sustained by local production and consumption where there are no exports or imports getting out or inside the economy respectively (Lipsey & Chrystal, 2007)…
Open and closed systems
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