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Economic impact on Crime - Literature review Example

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Economic Impact on Crime Economic conditions impact significantly on the lives of people. Human survival is still very much founded on economic trade and relations with limited natural resources prompting individuals to trade goods with each other. Current economic conditions indicate that some individuals in some parts of the world do not have sufficient resources to support themselves…
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Economic impact on Crime
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Extract of sample "Economic impact on Crime"

Download file to see previous pages Unfortunately, illegitimate ways of seeking basic resources and of ensuring human survival have also been used. This may account for the fact that crimes are prevalent in areas with depressed economic conditions. The studies below shall present a literature review on the relationship between the economy and crime, how they impact on each other and mostly how depressed economic conditions lead to the high incidence of crime and how high crime rates can impact negatively on the economy. Review of related literature Before reviewing the studies discussing the relationship of crime and economic conditions, it is important to first establish global conditions relating the economy and crime. Based on the United Nations Global Pulse (2010), their analysis was based on a cross-national assessment which sought to investigate the possible impact of economic stress on crime. The UN report established that in times of economic crisis and non-crisis, economic conditions have a crucial role to play in the manifestation of crimes. Based on statistics and analysis from 15 countries, there are general associations which can be made between crime and economic conditions. ...
s seem to support the criminal motivation theory which indicates how economic stress may further increase the motivation for individuals to participate in illegal activities (UNGP, 2010). For the different countries compared by the UN, the combination of crime and economic predictors were evaluated and a major association between these elements was identified. The UN assessment cites issues seen during economic crisis like youth gangs, weapons availability, drugs and alcohol abuse, and the low visibility of law enforcement officers as factors which all impact on criminality during economic hardships. In the study by Aiginger (2010), the author compared the recent economic recession with the Great Depression which was seen following the First World War. The authors utilized new data set in order to evaluate the decrease in activity in the industrialized countries using seven activity indicators. Their data indicated that the recent crisis had the possibility of being another Great Depression, especially with the speed and decline seen within the first nine months of the recession. However, if it is to be assumed that another greater impact can be avoided, the decrease in the indicators would have to be smaller when compared to the Great Depression. This is true for the GDP, the employment rates, and for manufacturing profits. Differences in the degree of the crisis are expected in terms of differences in the policy reaction. In the Great Depression, fiscal policies were applied in order to manage budgets. However, the lower nominal interest rates led to higher and actual rates. Aiginger (2010) also indicates how the economic policy implemented during the recent crisis prevented the crisis from causing another period of depression. Baron (2008) discusses the importance ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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