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Issues In Global Economy - Book Report/Review Example

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Critical Analysis On Global Economy By Instructor Institution Date The financial crisis is created by an increase in demand for money whereas the supply remains constant. Blundell-Wignall, A., Atkinson, P., Lee, S. H. (2009) attributed the latest financial crisis to two causative agents: global macro policies affecting liquidity and poor regulatory framework…
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Issues In Global Economy
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Download file to see previous pages Berger. A.N and Bouwman H.S. (2011) stated that the banks come up with asset bubbles which in some cases burst leading to financial crisis. However some of the liquidation bottlenecks can be eliminated through effective alignment of regulatory frameworks. Expansionary monetary policies have been cited to cause global macro liquidity, secondly global liquidity results in the culture of saving in developing countries causing an increase in demand for liquid assets. The effect of high saving as illustrated above leads to financial institutions holding a lot of money which in turn is used in investment, thus the demand for money increases. The interest rates increase with time, as a result of the high number of deposits made. As a result the liquidity level increases as the demand for liquid assets heightens. Regulatory frameworks, according to Hassan. H (2010) create constraints that govern and monitor the liquidation process. Legislative laws govern this process, spelling out the bodies in charge of regulation. Synthesis Notably, the global macro policies in combination with the lack of a proper regulatory framework led to the increase in liquidity. ...
A change in the business models is a matter that needs to be addressed. Blundell-Wignall. A and Roulet. C (2013) states that, most of the business models used made it hard for banks to collect enough capital. Elaborate banking business models were developed. Banks adopted the new business models which centered on equity rather than the previously used model which was loan oriented. The article by A., Atkinson, P., Lee, S. H. (2009) reviews the regulations put in place to govern the banking malpractices and other practices which may affect the economy in terms of customer’s exploitation or the crippling of the investment sector. But as Bank for International Settlements (2013) reveals, the introduction of the Basel 3 from the previous Basel 2 and 1 rules to incorporate the mutating banking sector activities and curb some of the latest occurrences affecting banks in terms of risk management and mitigation. Traditionally, the rules were micro-prudence which later changed to macro-prudence as Manesh. K. M (2010) states. This is a clear indication of how rules are vital to the control of the banking activities. The Austrian business cycle theory is one of the theories that reflect the lack of better policy outline. The theory is a clear reflection of the laxity of the responsible body mandated to regulate the issuing of bank loans and other credit facilities to the public. In return the rate of interest remains low, and as a result the public and other investors opt to withdraw their investments and deposits. This may lead to inflation due to the excess circulation of liquid money and also affect the economic bubble. The comparison between the economic bubble and liquidity leads to the conclusion that both occurrences are different from each ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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