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Short-run Phillips curve & the long-run Phillips curve - Essay Example

Both the long-run Philips Curve and long-run supply curves are vertical. This reveals that monetary policies only affect nominal variables but have minimal effect on real variables such as unemployment and output. In the long-run, unemployment and output remain in their natural state regardless of the imposed monetary policies. Thus, in the long-run, only a single rate of unemployment (“natural” rate) is consistent. This concept of money neutrality implies that the rate of money supply cannot have any effect on long-term supply (McEachern, 2012). These Philips Curves and the aggregate supply curves have these implications. Indeed, the curves have similar predictions on the nature of unemployment and money supply within an economy.
Explain why the Fed can attempt to target either changes in the money supply or changes in interest rates, but not both. The Federal Reserve (Fed) is a system that controls monetary and financial systems and activity within the US. The Fed cannot target both the interest rates and money supply simultaneously. This because whenever the Fed tends to concentrates on a particular variable; it loses its control over the other. For example, if fed targets money supply, it loses its strict control of the interest rates and this can cause interest rate volatility (Bade, & Michael, 2002). Consequently, when fed targets interests rates, it loses control of MS (monetary supply) restrictions. The fed often prefers controlling interest rates to monetary supply. This is because

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New Keynesian Phillips curve
In this case, traditional Keynesians actually adhere to the principle that through the use of expansionary monetary policy and fiscal policies, the economy would actually increase aggregate demand, which would then result to a reduction in unemployment, a reduction in deflation, and an overall increase in economic activity, regenerating the economy.
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The significance of inflation expectations in the monetarist Phillips Curve and t0he implications for the conduct of economic policy
Major economies of the world have been affected by it and economic analysts throughout the world have put in their expertise to curtail the damages that inflation is capable of doing to an economy.
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Discuss the significance of inflation expectations in the Monetarist Phillips Curve and the implications for the conduct of econ
The inflation rate over one year is defined as ? = (Pt-Pt-1)/ Pt-1 , where ? stands for inflation rate, Pt is the price level in year t and Pt-1 is the price level in year t-1(Dornbusch,1998). Inflation includes both expected and unexpected inflation1.In this essay the role of inflation expectations in the monetarist Phillips curve and its implications for the conduct of economic policy are discussed.
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Inflation and GDP
The Phillip curve was first coined by William Phillip in 1958, the curve depicts the relationship between inflation and unemployment, according to the Phillips curve unemployment and inflation are inversely related whereby high inflation will result into lower unemployment levels while low inflation results into high unemployment levels, therefore the cost of reducing inflation is unemployment, therefore the curve can be used in decision making whereby policies can be used to increase or reduce inflation in order to adjust unemployment, the following diagram shows the Phillips curve:
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Phillips Curve and Unemployment
The rate of inflation is another important measure of economic performance. Classical economic theory, particularly Irwin Fisher's equation of exchange, empahsises that inflation rate depends on excessive growth of money supply in the economy. Thus, although unemployment and inflation appear to be unrelated issues, Phillips curve establishes the linkage between the two, with empirical evidence.
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Businesses in the Long-run
The business may successfully make short-run production plans that can only be accomplished within a particular size of the industry. However, in the long-run, production may be increased and the cost of production decreased by expanding the size of the industry.
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This was different as per the percentage distribution of colors posted in the company website. As such, it was critical to carry out an analysis. The quantities of every
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Is there an inverse relationship between inflation and unemployment ( Phillips Curve). Do unemployment rates give a realistic picture of differences in economic activity in Britain and Europe
According to this relationship when there are more people employed in an economy the output increases, so do the wages from the labor force. The increase in wages means that people have more money to spend which increases their demand for goods and services and ultimately
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Discuss the analytical foundations of the Phillips curve
In this period, the policy makers used to constrain the aggregate demand when faced with inflation and stimulate it during unemployment and recession (Tejvan, 2013). Similarly,
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Define a job-seekers reservation wage and its relevance to the expectations-augmented Phillips curve
Hence, if the reservation wage for a job seeker is greater that what is offered in the labor market, it is likely very difficult for such an unemployed person to find employment. Hence, the job search
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the approach avoids conflicts with the congress that would result from escalating interest rates. Moreover, interest rates are indicators of future economic advancements. Question 3: How does monetary policy affect aggregate demand in the short run? How does monetary policy affect aggregate demand in the long run? The fed controls the supply of money through monetary policies that include open-market operations, varying reserve requirements, and changing discount rates. Each of these affects the supply of money, which in turn affects aggregate demand. On the other hand, aggregate demand is the total demand of final goods and services that a country is willing and able to consume. Monetary policies determine liquidity or amount of money in circulation. This determines people’s disposable income and subsequent purchasing power. For example when people are uncertain about their economic future, they tend to increase their savings while they decrease their spending (McEachern, 2012). Thus, on the long run, monetary policies determine spending behaviors among the people. Consequently, the policies affect the level of investments within a country. For example, when interests rates are low people will tend to increase investment due to low borrowing costs. Question 4: Explain how an active policy differs from a passive policy. The federal government can steer the economy from different approaches. The monetary policies are an example of the approaches that the government utilizes to adjust the economy. The mode of application of either of the tactic determines whether the government utilizes an active or a passive approach. Thus, active policies are taken as a response towards an economic condition. Through active policies, the federal government responds to economic occurrences through a specific policy. In spite of being applicable, active policies are open to various difficulties due to their reliance on action and experience of the policymakers. Weaknesses of such policymakers can be
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The Philips Curves are fundamental to the study of economics. The Curves represent the relationship between inflation and unemployment rates and, they have cross relationships with aggregate supply curves. …
Short-run Phillips curve & the long-run Phillips curve
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