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Money Supply - Essay Example

Therefore, a decrease in discount rates will encourage borrowing by banks. This in turn increases the amount available in reserves of the banking system; this will automatically trigger a money supply increase. This is the same way an increase in the discount in the discount rate will have an opposite effect on the money supply. Question 2: Discuss the factors that led to deregulation of the U.S financial markets in the 1980s. Deregulation can be described as the process where there are adjustments made to the law. What this means is that financial institutions will have more freedom in the way that they compete. Deregulation, therefore, is the process where regulations are reduced or at times removed to increase the efficiency of markets. The reason behind deregulation is promotion of competition. It will result in low prices and a marketplace that is more effective. In the 1980s, japan was one of the highly regulated financial markets. However, there was an agreement between Japan and the U.S in 1984 to liberate the markets. The rapid deregulation helped to strengthen the Yen and sustained capital flows to the U.S economy. This prevented unwarranted weakening of the American dollar. The U.S also was the first to deregulate its financial sector. This was for attracting investors at a time when deficits of the U.S government were high. This was because of spending on the war in Vietnam. The U.S had also been weakened in its trade position as industries in Japan and Europe thrived. Question

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Explain the relationship between money supply and inflation
The basic understanding is that with inflation comes erosion of buying power of a specific currency. In simple terms consumers are required to use more money to purchase the same commodity. This paper is based on the suggestion that there is a link between the amount of money circulating in an economy i.e.
5 pages (1250 words)Essay
Relationship between money supply and the inflation
Money is one of the most important variables in macroeconomics and greatly affects the growth and price levels in an economy. The first section of the paper discusses how the money supply is increased or decreased in the economy. Subsequent sections focus on the relationship between the money supply and inflation and on their interrelationship.
4 pages (1000 words)Essay
Explain The Relationship Between Money Supply And Inflation
According to most economists, there is a very strong relationship between the supply of money and extent of inflation. However, the relationship can not be easily predicted because of the influence and role of many other factors in addition to money supply in causing inflation.
5 pages (1250 words)Essay
A glucometer is a small portable instrument used to determine blood glucose levels. Along with glucometer are test strips made of paper pieces. Paper pieces are coated with chemicals such as glucose oxidase, dehydroginase, or hexokinase.
6 pages (1500 words)Assignment
Money supply
The high-powered money multiplier approach is an approach that considers the level of bank deposits by the private sector while determining money supply (Werner, 2005). According to this approach, the level of cash deposits held by the bank plays the major role in determining money supply.
7 pages (1750 words)Essay
Money Supply
Indeed, the notion of money is closely linked to the idea of value. Once something presents a subjective value A for one person and subjective value B for the second person these people need some equivalent to compare their subjective values. Thus measure of value is one of the functions of money.
3 pages (750 words)Essay
Macroeconomics. Unexpected changes in the money supply
With other parameter configurations, the response of flexible nominal prices to a monetary disturbance is sufficiently large that the change in real money balances is small, as are monetary effects on the real economy working through the standard Keynesian transmission mechanism.
15 pages (3750 words)Essay
Bank (money supply)
It also makes an attempt to go deep into the factors that can influence property prices, besides a change in interest rates. The study also deals with the monetary policy of the Bank of England and its role in regulating the interest rates and inflation. So the purpose of the study covers a wide purview of Bank of England's monetary policy and tools used to contain inflation and regulate property prices and also the various factors that are responsible for a change in property prices.
10 pages (2500 words)Essay
Relationship between money supply and inflation in saudi arabia
In the first part of the paper, the term inflation is defined, its causes are discussed, its measurement techniques and how one combat with it are also discussed. In the second part of the paper, we have moved towards the more realistic approach. The data is extracted from the various reports and researches and it is refined through tools such econometric regression to determine the correlation between the two variables, that are inflation and money supply.
20 pages (5000 words)Essay
Inflation and the Money Supply
Earlier, silver and gold served as money. Now that this commodity money gave way to paper currency and deposits, these monies were treated as fiat money which allowed the national monetary institutions to exercise their power to use them without any legal constraints.
8 pages (2000 words)Essay
Evolving role of state and federal government in U.S. education
The recent enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act continues to remain as a catalyst for a future improvements in the educational systems. The NCLB legislature has
3 pages (750 words)Essay
3: What are the differences between M1 and M2? M1 is described as the official money supply for the American economy. If for example an individual is making a payment for buying a good or service, they will use two concepts. These concepts are the M1 paper currency or the checking account fund deposit. Almost a half of M1 comprises of paper currency. It is not only limited to paper currency but metal coins too issued by the federal government. Currency and metal coins held by non-bank public is categorized as M1. The checking accounts is run and maintained by the commercial banks. M2, on the other hand, is the medium-range monetary aggregate that is a combination of M1 and small denomination near monies in the short term in the U.S economy. Financial assets function directly as money or can easily turned into money are categorized here. Saving deposits, money market deposits, certificate of deposits and mutual funds of the money market added to M1 derive the M2. Question 4: What are the three functions of money, and why are they important? Money as a medium of exchange is probably money’s most vital function. As a medium of exchange, money facilitates transactions. The other option available apart from money is barter, acting as the medium of exchange. When money serves as a medium of exchange, it eliminates the wants problem of double coincidence associated with barter trade. This is because it is universally accepted regardless of the desire for the good or service. Money will function as a unit of account. This means it provides a common measure for the value of all goods and services that are exchanged. The value of any good or service is defined and known by its price. This will enable the purchaser and supplier to make decisions on quantity and quality of a good in a transaction. Money will also function as a store of value. Money has to be such that it keeps its value over time to act as a medium of ex
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How can the fed affect the money supply by using the discount rate? Interest rates that are adjusted by the Fed, otherwise known as the Federal Reserve System are at times used as a means for money supply control…
Money Supply
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