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Supply Chain Integrity - Essay Example

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SUPPLY CHAIN INTEGRITY Supply Chain Integrity Author Author’s Affiliation Date Introduction Without a doubt, the basic objective of a supply chain is not to simply distribute a service or product; in fact it is believed to be an expression of brand values for this reason business organizations should constantly attempt to balance business goals with reputational objectives…
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Supply Chain Integrity
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Download file to see previous pages In view of the fact that the world has become a global village and today’s businesses operate in an environment that goes beyond the limitations of boundaries and borders. Hence, due to expansion of business infrastructures there emerges another major issue that is regarding compliance with immeasurable global laws and regulations posed by a number of countries and worldwide trade unions to deal with violence and money laundering. In this scenario, the majority of issues can be resolved effectively only if supply chain staff make use of the appropriate technologies and tools. In addition, the use of effective information technology based applications and tools can allow the business organizations to put together entire supply chain system and all applicable aspects, hence handling security risks, growing visibility, eventually maintaining supply chain integrity. The use of these technology based tools and applications can provide the organizations with simplicity for the management of all supply chain associates, comprising suppliers, customers, distributers, customs department and service providers. Moreover, these tools and technologies are very useful to supply chain managers in attaining absolute simplicity of a wide variety of business processes such as delivery, procurement and completion systems, comprising keeping an eye on stock schedule and receiving notifications or replacement in case the level of stock becomes low (Eyefortransport, 2013; Gartner, Inc., 2012). The basic purpose of this research is to discuss the impact of supply chain integrity on business organizations. This paper discusses some of the important aspects associated with supply chain, supply chain management, and supply chain integrity. This paper will discuss issues in supply chain integrity and solutions to address those issues. Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management In their book, (Laudon & Laudon, 1999, p. 55) define the supply chain management as a process that combines some of the most important business activities such as the service providers, end customers, retailers logistics operations into a particular reliable way”. In this scenario, the supply chain is believed to be the most important aspect of supply chain management as it involves a variety of corporate operations such as manufacturing units and plants, distribution channels and centers, retail outlets, staff and information, services, which are linked all the way through the specific business units for instance logistics or procurement, with the purpose of delivering end products and services from manufacturing unit to end customers. Basically, in a supply chain process, these products, goods or services come as raw materials and develop by means of an organization’s logistics and manufacturing system until they are delivered to the end customers. To deal with the supply chain, an organization attempts to get rid of impediments and engrave the amount of resources engaged along the way. This can be carried out by streamlining the organizations inside operations or by plummeting inventory costs by getting information from the suppliers to put of release of goods and their payments until the instant they are required. Information Technology makes well-organized supply chain manag ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Supply Chain Integrity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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