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Definition of Corruption - Literature review Example

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 This review discusses the role of corruption in our economy. The review analyses lead to poverty, lack of developments, anti-government revolutions, lack of patriotism and unemployment. The review considers a few advantages of corruption, such merits only serve a few people in society…
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Definition of Corruption
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Extract of sample "Definition of Corruption"

Download file to see previous pages Such public servants take bribes before offering services to the large population that needs attention from them. The practice is high in government offices that deal with the processing of documents and public hospitals. Grand corruption This form of corruption is rampant in the highest ranks of the government. It is mostly perpetuated by high-ranking officials and is highly visible in authoritarian and dictatorial government settings. However, emerging democracies have embraced the division of labor in the government thus trying to combat the vice. The executive, judiciary and the legislature are therefore allowed to operate independently from each other. Systemic corruption This occurs where there is a widespread of corruption activities in the society mainly caused by weaknesses of an organization or governance process. It is encouraged by low pay in organizations, lack of honesty, impunity, monopolistic governance, discretional powers, and conflicting incentives. It includes extortion, embezzlement, and bribery of public officials. In this occurrence, corruption becomes a necessity for survival. The spread of corruption Corruption is widespread in society. It has corroded every aspect of our society ranging from government institutions to private institutions. Joseph in the book political corruption describes all institutions as being corrupt from the core (42). Right from childhood, children become corrupt because of the examples they see from the older generations. Hence, corruption can be said to be a deep-rooted problem in the society Philosophical issues related to corruption Corruption is a social problem in the world today. Due to corruption, innocent people suffer at the expense of corrupt leaders. Corruption has led to the following: Increase in poverty in the society Corruption is a game of survival for the fittest. The corrupt individuals are able to increase their income and safeguard their wealth as compared to middle class individuals. This has led to increase in the gap between the rich and the poor. In countries where corruption is widespread, the level of economic development is very slow because funds that could have been used in the developments are lost. Hence, such countries remain poor. Lack of good health care and education In most of the developing countries, corruption has led to the under-utilization of government funds. Such funds could have assisted in the provision of health care. Most public hospitals are therefore left without medicines and qualified doctors. economic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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