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Instructor Date Age 21 Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Title I Chicago Child-Parent Centers The article is about the Cost Benefit Analysis of an early childhood program which is federally administered. CBA is the systematic process of calculating and comparing benefits and costs of a project…
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Economics - Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages It involves the element of comparing the total expected costs against the total expected benefits. To be precise it looks for one fact only; whether the project is a gain project or loss project. The literature background for such study was that previous researches showed that programs designed for early childhood involvements effected child’s health and well-being beneficially. Good quality of involvements was directly related with improved health status, rational skills, accomplishment motivation and keenness at school. This study is the further extension of such results to check whether such programs do influence children positively or not. For the CBA the research was carried out in Chicago Child- Parent Centers located in Public schools. These centers are believed to provide educational and family support services to low -income children between the ages of 3 to 9. The data collected was from 1,539 programs and a comparison group of children selected who were born in 1980. These children were the participants of Chicago Longitudinal Study. The measures of program participation were considerably but not only associated with higher school achievement and with higher school completion and also with lower rates of remedial education services, juvenile delinquency which is popularly known as youth crime and children maltreatment which means treating children abusively. The economic analyses showed that the economic benefits of the pre- school participation and School- going participation exceeded the costs. This indicated that a public program established for such things proves to be beneficial. If the article is critically analyzed, one would find strengths and challenges within it. The strengths would show the strong points in the argument of the article and the flaws within the argument. The strengths of the article can be analyzed in the following way: I. The first recognizable strength of the article is that it gives CBA of such programs which promise to play a positive role in a child’s health and well -being. Different benefits of these programs are listed in such an order that they give a comprehensive insight into the benefits of early childhood programs. The program benefits are termed as ‘reductions in expenditures for remedial services’, ‘increase in lifetime earnings, compensation, and government tax revenues’, ‘reduction in expenditures in the criminal justice system for youth and adult program, ‘reduction in tangible expenditures to crime victims of youth and adults and ‘reduction in expenditures for the child welfare system and the victimization form the child abuse and neglect’. The analysis is a comprehensive analysis of such programs, with the help of research methods and data collection; the benefits stated add an objective element to it. The literature part and the analysis part seem to go hand in hand because of the mutual argument. The analysis part is basic strength of the article because of the systematic listing of the benefits. The findings add to the knowledge about the welfares of early childhood programs for low- income children. II. Secondly the research itself lies down as the literature review for the future analysis and researches. The results stated prove to be the background for the researches to be carried out in the same field. Results are brought out in such dimension that they promise to be valid and reliable; thus fulfilling the quality of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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