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Recession - Research Paper Example

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First Name M. Last Name University Course Number Date Macroeconomic Principle: Recession Introduction The recent economic report of Pylas and Rising (2013) is related to one of the macroeconomic principles - recession. The report announced the unexpected drop of Germany’s economic output/income…
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Download file to see previous pages According to Wiegand (2009), recession takes place when a country’s gross domestic product (GDP) “goes down for six months or more” (p. 18). Also, when recession transpires, a series of economic problems will arise, including unemployment, inflation, adjustments of investments, additional credits, declining values for goods and services, cutting out exports, higher interest rates, and dropping of currency. These problems influence the economic performance of the world market, particularly the European Union (EU). The purpose of this paper is to analyze a recent economic report in relation to recession, and its application in the outside world. Recession and its Problems The phenomenon of recession occurs when the economic development of the country decreases to “less than three percent” (Wiegand, 2009, p. 19). It has been illustrated that Germany has a GDP contraction rate of 0.6%, “more than the 0.4% expected for the 4th quarter of 2012” (Pylas & Rising, 2013); the figure shows that the country is nearly in recession, and will be into it if the decline will continue in the following year. Unemployment. In case of Germany’s economic contraction, it is then projected that several establishments will reduce their output due to a lesser demand; hence, the level of unemployment will increase (Pylas & Rising, 2013). Also, the shutting down of businesses will lead to redundancy; in fact, this has been one of the serious problems in EU as shown in figure 1 (“Taking Europe’s Pulse,” 2013). Figure 1: Unemployment Rate in the EU Source: “Taking Europe’s Pulse,” 2013 The figure above shows that the unemployment rate of EU members, such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, and many more, is very high since 2012 compared to other members like Germany. Inflation. Germany’s exporters are also concerned on the set-up that their product became “less competitive in the international marketplace” (Pylas & Rising, 2013). According to Wiegand (2009), in case of inflation, the value of money decreases over time while the “price of commodities increases” (p. 23). The declining economic performance of Germany would conceive inflation in terms of purchasing value. Otherwise stated, the amount of money spent on buying a particular good does not maintain its value as times passes because the price of commodities has been increased. For instance, a 10-euro bill in the year 2000 could buy a lot of stuff compared to a 10-euro bill of today. Hence, inflation brings difficulty to consumers in buying their needs and wants, which will result to merchandise unsold. While inflation is the increase in prices, its opposite--deflation, also brings harm to the economy. Deflation happens when the prices of goods and services plummeted consistently and creates surplus of supply and lesser demand (Wiegand, 2009, p. 24). Foreign exchange market. Several exchange rates are being established in different countries depending on recent trading performances among countries. Their currencies depict the stability of their economic activity. The stability of euro (€) is one of the primary issues that EU members would be highly concerned of considering that they are using the euro as their “single currency” (“One Currency,” n.d.). Frequently, the idea of exchange rates is very confusing; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Recession Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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Problem of Economic Recession attempt to provide some general ideas about recession and then it will discuss the issue of current economic recession. Definition of recession: Technically speaking, the word ‘recession’ refers to decline in gross domestic product or GDP of a country over a period of two successive quarters. This kind of definition, is, however, not capable enough of providing a clear idea regarding recession. To understand recession, first one need to have a clear idea regarding what is actually meant by G.D.P or gross domestic product. Gross domestic product of a particular year can be defined as the value of all the final goods are services...
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... in some other nation or region can have an adverse and severe impact on the situation in the home country. Thus, the sovereign debt crisis and recession in Europe have substantially impacted US exports and the stock market (Steiner, 2012). This crisis has consequences for global trade, and the protracted recession in Europe has brought about a slow down in the global economy. Thus, it can be surmised that the sovereign debt crises has affected the global economy. References Arellano, C., Conesa, J. C., & Kehoe, T. J. (2012). Chronic Sovereign Debt Crises in the Eurozone, 2010-2012. Region, 26(2), 4 – 11. Blundell – Wignall, A., & Slovik, P. (2010). A Market Perspective on the European Sovereign Debt and Banking Crisis. OECD Journal...
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...changed the talent game? Six guideposts to managing talent out of a turbulent economy” following the release of the report earlier in 2010. The objective of this study is to articulate the challenges of talent management during recession and the ways in which they may be solved. Literature Review In face of an economic recession, financial crisis or credit crunch, various corporations may choose to focus on retrenching a section of employees, restructuring the corporate leadership through change management, or devising various cost-cutting strategies (Arthur 2011, p 89). Through such strategic operations, the corporate strategists and leaders often downplay the value of talent management in the...
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