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Assessment of The Economic Climate in Britain, Pertaining to Starting up a New Business - Essay Example

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This essay presents an assessment of the impact of economic conditions of the UK on the business. Starting up a new business is a critical decision and requires assessment of conditions pertaining to factors prone to pose impact on the business operations…
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Assessment of The Economic Climate in Britain, Pertaining to Starting up a New Business
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Extract of sample "Assessment of The Economic Climate in Britain, Pertaining to Starting up a New Business"

Download file to see previous pages ntinue pumping money in economic condition, the year (2012) closing with triple dip recession alarm with industrial production dropped by 9.8% as compared to 2011 and highest decline in 20 years (Elliot, 2012), results in imposing negative pressure on the business start ups as it seems difficult to reap considerable profits in this economic condition. On the other hand the positive signals such as growth forecast to remain 0.9% in contrast to -0.1% in 2012 and the UK job hiring pick-up (Murray, 2013), encourage the entrepreneurs to establish their own business set up as there are growth chances. Year 2013 gives mixed signals of growth such as reports of further decline in industrial production in 2013 while on the other hand, February 2013 reported permanent job hiring increased for four consecutive months in January 2013’ anticipating growth of almost 0.7% for 2013 (Murray, 2013). The decrease in the industrial production impose risk on the start up of a new venture as it reflects decrease in the supply of products and hence increase in inflation. On the other hand the growth in the employment rate is beneficial for the start up businesses as it signals more consumption on the part of the individuals. Mixed signals despite consistent efforts traces trend mainly from triple dip recession due to deepened Euro-Zone crises and increased inflation curtailing consumer demand (Elliot, 2012). Ranking of UK on Doing Business chart developed by World Bank has improved from 8th positions in 2012 to 7th position in 2013 (World Bank, 2013; Schwab, 2012). This improvement is based on the factors assessing ease of doing business; therefore, self refers that ease has been increased in order to encourage investors to initiate business and gear up economic activity. Moreover, these...
This essay aims to identify the impact of economic risks on the state of business environment of UK. It is being considered in the essay, that doing business in UK carry greater risk than ever.
Despite consistent efforts the weak performance of UK economy is still creating greater uncertainty for the people who are interested in starting their own business venture. For instance, negative signals such as UK to borrow much higher in 2012-13 as compared to previous year with almost public sector job cuts reaching 1.2 million and further 2.7 million by 2018
Still, The UK conditions where unemployment has not been as high as expected, austerity plans of government stuck and jobs being created (though in slow pace) are all dampening recovery of economy as well as local demand. Conversely the stimulus is positive from external demand. Increase in the local and external demand results in providing the new start up businesses with better operating environment leading to rise in the overall profits and returns. Therefore, it can be stated the conditions to do business are much better for concerns intend to capitalise on this increasing demand.
Ranking of UK on Doing Business chart developed by World Bank has improved from 8 positions in 2012 to 7 position in 2013. This improvement is based on the factors assessing ease of doing business. The ease has been increased in order to encourage investors to initiate business and gear up economic activity.
Moreover, these positive factors are also reflecting acceptance in the financial market.
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