Assay question: i)Wage discrimination against women (ii)Barriers limiting women's promotion (e.g. 'glass ceilings') (iii) - Essay Example

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ASPECTS OF WOMEN INEQUALITY Name Institution Aspects of Female inequality Introduction There are aspects of women inequality that must be addressed. Most challenges facing women go unaddressed, including the fact that they are invisible in economic analysis…
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Assay question: i)Wage discrimination against women (ii)Barriers limiting womens promotion (e.g. glass ceilings) (iii)
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Extract of sample "Assay question: i)Wage discrimination against women (ii)Barriers limiting women's promotion (e.g. 'glass ceilings') (iii)"

Download file to see previous pages A feminist model of preferences must be incorporated into policy recommendations and welfare economic analysis. Most significant, institutional structures are a big concern and should be analyzed carefully. Basing on an economical point of view, some aspects of women equality need to be addressed, and various steps be taken to overcome them. They include: Wage Discrimination against Women Investigations of the labor market in most countries indicate that average wages seem to be lower for women as compared to those of men. However, one may be right to say that this observation is not sufficient enough to conclude that gender-based wage discrimination really exists This is for the reason that the differences may be due to dissimilarities in productivity, or unequal skills. In this sense, I can ague that gender discrimination against women exists in a market economy, only if men are paid higher salaries than women for a specific productivity level (Samuelson, & Nordhaus, 2005). According to the Inter Press Service, on a world scale, women farm over half of the total food produced. In the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa, women produce 80% of basic foodstuffs, while in Latin America, they majorly involve in poultry, horticulture, and subsistence farming. However, little or no recognition is given to this, and worse of all, most of them go unpaid. Such women find it hard to find financial resources to sustain themselves, since many societies have not yet realized or accepted that traditional roles have changed. Reasons behind such disparities include the idea that women are underpaid generally because they usually carry out low-status jobs in comparison to men (England, 2003). Like in the graph below the yellow bar shows the rate of employment for men as opposed to that of women in pink. Figure1. Shows the rate of employment between men and women Wage discrimination against women ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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