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High Budget Deficits - Essay Example

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High Budget Deficits Date A deficit is any amount short of any fixed reference point. This may be amounts short of the required spending by the relevant governments; they may as well be the amounts less of the expected revenue collection from the revenue collection tools (Associated Press 2010)…
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High Budget Deficits
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Extract of sample "High Budget Deficits"

Download file to see previous pages Budget deficits, on the other hand, are the amounts in deficit of what the individuals spending, government or even a companies or corporations spending are short of the planned incomes from the entities sources. In another name, deficit spending may be the other terminology of budget deficits. Over the past years, budget deficits of countries, most so the developing countries, have attracted a lot of publicity. This has been majorly witnessed over the past two decades of which financial restructuring and turbulence have been witnessed (Associated Press 2010). The country where the impact is witnessed is attributable to the assorted financial ills bedeviling such countries; the countries base their expenditures from high debts due to extensive borrowing, high and ever growing rates of inflation and investment problems attributed to poor investment and their poor growth performance of such investments (Associated Press 2010). The poor government financial position, most so in regards to budgets, results to poor economic growth rates. The factors that fuel these rates are the poor growth of government revenues due to poor collection measures and tools. The budgeting process, which is not well structured, is also blamed for it in a major proportion. Others include the levels of economic development, which is low and unstable. World macroeconomic shocks, like the Great Depression and poor ways in which the government controls its expenditure, have in the past been witnessed to impact on the government financial position (Associated Press 2010). The methods used to finance any form of budget deficit will always result into an imbalance in one way or the other. For instance, if local borrowing is used, then the crowding out effect of the private investments occur leading to the collapse of the private firms which may even end up causing more harm to the economy. The budgeting process of most countries has so many loops and is, therefore, responsible for most countries budget deficits apart from the government participation in most economies and even the other factors as discussed above. According to reports, it is in record that budget deficits have several impacts on some economic sectors, such as private consumption, private investments, the T-bill rates, current account, and even money supply into the economy (BBC 2010). The aspects that the deficit has impact on as discussed above are major pillars for the measure of any economic growth of a country. Budget deficits have been recorded to reduce money supply into the economy; this majorly results when domestic borrowing is given an upper hand (BBC 2010). Intensified domestic borrowing may also lead to the collapse of private sector firms as a result of crowding out effect. I may, therefore, comfortably conclude that budget deficits in any economy are harmful to economic growth rates since they lower the growth rates. The causes of budget deficit are many and they include most major government stakeholders (individuals, companies, and corporations) who evade taxation. It is in record that many US firms use the fair share of the infrastructure by the government but they don’t pay their fair share of the taxation; they use the roads, defense, grants and even emergency services (BBC 2010). Despite the companies making huge profits from the countries resources, they try as much as they could to evade ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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