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Unemployment issues - Essay Example

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Unemployment is one of the biggest evils engulfing society all over the world today. With most countries being in a state of recession, jobs are hard to find for even some of the most deserving individuals. …
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Unemployment issues
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Download file to see previous pages Unemployment is one of the biggest evils engulfing society all over the world today. With most countries being in a state of recession, jobs are hard to find for even some of the most deserving individuals. This leads to major problems for the country and its population which include lower standard of living, poor health, lower GDP and national income, and a generally depressed society. However, this issue may have an even deeper impact upon a household in which the sole bread winner is unemployed. While such households may experience financial problems, they also experience an array of other types of distress. These pressures may be social, emotional, and psychological; the psychological stress and pressure that unemployment causes, may be its most undesirable and disturbing factor towards a person’s health and well being (Lien, 1988). This paper aims to explore the impact of unemployment upon the psychological position and state of an individual and their family members. It will explain the various psychological pressures that a person experiences while being unemployed and compare the mental health and thoughts of an unemployed person to an employed person. The paper will explore the realms of this issue and determine whether an unemployed person is mentally worse off than an employed person or whether unemployment has no intense impact upon a person’s mental state....
Hence, he/she can indulge in undesirable activities and develop a negative mentality. It is usually said, that people who have a lot of time on their hands are those that indulge in activities such as drugs, crime, fraudulent behavior, extra-marital affairs, and other negative thoughts such as disbelief upon religion or suicidal thoughts. Without a lot of positive and productive mental activity, a person’s mental health is seriously at risk. The availability of excessive free time causes a person to ponder over the smallest things and cause a great array of confusion for him/herself. This may cause a person to stray from their religious beliefs, lose hope in life, or start focusing upon the negative points of everyone around him/her. Such situations cause rifts between families, friends, and make a person difficult to live with. Moreover, having very little productive mental activity causes an unhealthy body as well, and vice versa (Eisenburg, 1988). Upon interviewing Mr. John, a Bachelors degree holder who was unemployed for two years, the following views were recorded: “I was unemployed for a period of two years after attaining my Bachelors Degree. When I say my friends pursuing successful careers, it gave me a sense of hopelessness and despair. I lost my self-esteem and my endurance to continue with life. I was in a deep state of depression.” Such views make it evident that unemployed people lose a sense of their self-worth because they are not able to prove themselves in any field. Hence, besides the financial problems that go along with the situation, it gives the unemployed person a sense of hopelessness and despair when they see other people succeeding in their careers and they are unable to make any improvements in their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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