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Assignment2 - Essay Example

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Expecting the Unexpected Looking into a person’s personality there are surprises around every corner. I have learned to expect the unexpected when working on this assignment. I asked five friends to take the personality test, along with taking it myself, and the results did not turn out the way that I had expected…
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Download file to see previous pages... Just when you think you have yourself figured out you learn something new. Though no matter what a piece of paper with a bunch of numbers on it tells you, how someone really acts cannot be deflected on a piece of paper. When setting up the game, it took a little bit of time to figure out how exactly to execute the game in a way that it would cover the vast verities of personalities that are spread among my group of friends. Sure, we have all played games together before, but not for the purpose of analyzing the way that my friends’ personalities fit into the way that they strategically play a game. So, I decided to take a normal card game, and add a twist to it. Phase 10 is a simple card game where the players go around in a circle and pick up and discard cards and the hope to complete the phase that is required before another player goes out. It is usually a game played with several individuals competing together, but instead, I broke my friends up into groups. Since there were 5 friends, one player had to play alone, leaving them at a disadvantage from the beginning. So I chose the friend who scored the highest in the assertive category, to test their true assertiveness. Each group received the same amount of cards as each other and played the game as usual. Though, the team who came in last had to choose another player to eliminate. If the single player was eliminated, the team who won would have to divide and play individually. Now, within the game there are skip cards, which allows a player to skip the next team, but what I allowed was the person who held the skip card could strategically skip which team they would like. This allows them to have some control of who has the ability to go out of cards first. I knew what I was going into this expecting, the assertive person would do what they needed to win, and the people who saw the world as unfair would surly rant and rave as they lose the game, the equalitarian would feel guilty causing another player to lose, and the person with the high introspective score would over analyze the game a little too much. I myself did not participate in the game. I did not want to skew the results, and boy am I glad that I did not play. The game started out as I had expected, but quickly the tables had turned. I might as well have thrown the personality test out the window, because when it came down to it, everyone was assertive. There was this competitive nature that came out in everyone and people where in the game to win it. I know that people do not like to lose, but it really surprised me how into the game people really had gotten. Usually when we play games together people are slightly competitive, but maybe it was because I was an outsider observing I had the chance to really see how things were. My friends who scored the lowest on the assertiveness section defiantly outshined the assertiveness of the friend who scored the highest. There wasn’t one person who thought of the game as treating them unfairly, or the world around them for that matter during the time the game was played. There were also people who I figured would over analyze the game and really think about everything that was going on and try to figure out others strategies, but that was not the case either. Everyone was so focused on winning that they paid more attention to what they needed to do, rather than focusing on what everyone else was doing. So, I knew that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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